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Majenta’s Customer Events & Conferences Prove a Success

  • Jun 20, 2011
  • Software

Brentwood, Essex. June, 2011 – Majenta Solutions Ltd. successfully finished a series of informative learning events, with two distinct focuses: Industrial Design & Visualisation as well as Manufacturing, which were held at key strategic locations throughout the UK.

Majenta’s Customer Events were held to promote and inform users about the key features and benefits that can be gained from the latest Autodesk 2012 suite of products, offering hands-on product advice covering new tools, products, software usage, upgrades, subscription, product migration and user product training through Majenta’s high acclaimed Academy. Majenta also showcased their newly introduced reverse engineering and 3D Inspection products from Geomagic (Geomagic Studio & Geomagic Qualify).

As one of Europe’s leading providers of product development, manufacturing, product lifecycle information management software, IT infrastructure solutions, reverse engineering and 3D inspection software solutions, Majenta generated a high level of attendance at the event. Mark Channen, Marketing Manager at Majenta Commented "I would like to thank all of our customers who attended our free learning event, which goes from strength to strength each year. We are passionate about the product solutions that we offer, and as such, we feel it is important to educate and assist our valued customers in learning about any new product developments that we offer. In this way, we keep our customers at the forefront of their market, by maximising their efficiency from the products that they have purchased from Majenta, as well as highlighting new solutions which will ultimately help to increase their future productivity".

For those who were unable to attend the event, Majenta offer a series of links where key topic information can be reviewed. Simply call 01277 266 933 or send an email to: marketing@majentasolutions.com