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Icona Solutions Releases aesthetica 3.3

  • Oct 13, 2010
  • Software

Support for multi-core/multi-processor systems and a full 64-bit version provide increased performance and enable the handling of very large models

Manchester, UK. 12 October, 2010. - Icona Solutions Ltd., which develops, supplies and supports the innovative perceived quality simulation and visualisation software solutions, aesthetica, has released version 3 of the software.

Version 3.3 of aesthetica sees the introduction of a full 64-bit version, support for multi-core/multi-processor systems, enhancements to the scenario capture functions in the visualisation arena and additional reporting options. Support for third-party high-end visualization solutions has also been extended.

Whereas the model size that the 32-bit version of aesthetica can handle is typically limited to less than 3 gigabytes, regardless of how much memory is installed in a machine, the new 64-bit version can utilise all available memory. This enables users to work with very much larger and more detailed 3D CAD models from all major 3D MCAD systems.

Further, Monte Carlo analysis and model deformation is performed up to 25% faster in the 64-bit version, depending on the model size and complexity, while support for multi-core/multi-processor systems delivers a near linear increase in the performance of the simulation, meshing and tessellation processes: on a 4-processor machine they’ll be some 4x faster, on an 8-processor machine some 8x faster and so on.

In the visualization arena, new scenario capture functions allow users to capture a series of gap and flush target scenarios – i.e. what is desired from a perceived quality viewpoint – along with tolerance scenarios – i.e. what will actually happen during manufacturing – all combined within a single window. These can then instantly be recalled during a perceived quality review meeting.

In addition to being visualized in aesthetica, these captured scenarios can also be exported to a number of high-end visualization solutions: Autodesk Showcase, Bunkspeed Shot, Luxion KeyShot and RTT DeltaGen are currently supported. This saves time when preparing visualizations for senior management reviews as it is no longer necessary to prepare individual variation models within these popular high-end third-party visualisation tools.

The reporting capabilities have also been significantly extended in aesthetica 3.3 so that users can now produce PowerPoint presentations of perceived quality studies using the customisable report generator in aesthetica. Users provide a template slide set and aesthetica will then automatically generate the content of the slides, including images, animations, 2D sections, histograms and numerical results. This saves a great deal of time when preparing final presentations and makes perceived quality study results accessible to more people.


Icona aesthetica 3.3 is shipping now and is available through Majenta Solutions, qualified business parter, more information on Icona aesthetica.

About aesthetica

Icona Solutions’ aesthetica software provides an accurate, visual simulation of the effects of component variation, assembly variation and component deformation in manufactured assemblies to enable full perceived quality reviews using digital models in order to resolve issues of fit and finish quality. The use of aesthetica gives greater insight than has previously been possible into the impact of manufacturing variation on perceived quality by enabling the user to visualize a ‘virtual’ product at different states within its geometric tolerance range, in real-time, and precisely as the customer will see the final, manufactured product. It helps to improve perceived quality while saving time and improving communication in the design process.