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SensAble FreeForm Modeling and Modeling Plus Systems

Fast 3D touch-enabled modeling with precision for product design

Key Features

Use your sense of touch with virtual clay to work in 3D faster than ever before

  • Model the most complex, organic shapes in record time
  • Easily create multiple design variations
  • Rapidly clean up, modify, and stylize scan data
  • Create detailed textures for prototyping, evaluation, and manufacturing
  • Accurately identify draft problems
  • Replace manual mold processes
  • Combine with other 2D & 3D tools, RP machines, and scanners
  • Expand existing CAD/CAM workflows
  • Output for RP or milling and CAD/CAM

The FreeFormĀ® systems are unique touch-enabled solutions for fast 3D modeling of complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes for manufacturing.

The FreeForm Modeling system offers a fast and cost effective way for designers and modelers to create original models or modify and stylize scan data, and then output to RP systems for prototyping or milling. The system includes a comprehensive set of modeling and detailing tools, dimensional control, and import of polygon data for reference and modeling. Parting line evaluation is also included, enabling users to avoid costly production mistakes through adjustment of their models early in the design process.

If your work requires CAD part interoperability and preparing models for manufacturing, the FreeForm Modeling Plus system has all the capability of the FreeForm Modeling system and also includes NURBS surfacing and solids tools, CAD part interoperability, and moldable part and mold insert functionality.

The PHANTOM Desktop and PHANTOM Omni haptic devices are true 3D interfaces with force feedback that enable designers and modelers to use their sense of touch to model with virtual clay just like real clay. Of the two devices, the PHANTOM Desktop delivers higher fidelity, stronger forces, and lower friction.

The FreeForm Modeling system is available with either the PHANTOM Desktop device or PHANTOM Omni device.

The FreeForm Modeling Plus system is only available with the PHANTOM Desktop device.