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Subscription Plus

Maximise your Software Investment with Managed Services from Majenta Solutions

At Majenta Solutions we appreciate just how much you and your business rely on your Autodesk software. We also recognise that support needs vary from customer to customer. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive range of packages and pricing options. Whichever package you choose you’ll benefit from a host of value added features and a Majenta Support Team that will ensure your queries are always resolved in an efficient, professional and friendly manner.

As an Autodesk customer you will automatically benefit from new software releases, enhancements and patches. What happens if you have an issue with your software that you can’t resolve yourself? Majenta Subscription Plus is a range of Autodesk Support packages developed by Majenta specifically to ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it. In addition to software support, our packages also include a wide range of features that will help you to maximise your Autodesk investment and ensure that your users realise the full potential of the software.

Choose from the 3 packages below.

Subscription Plus Pro

Inclusive of all Autodesk Subscription features plus:

Telephone Helpdesk Support

Available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm (excluding public holidays). Simply call the Helpdesk on +44 1277 266 955 and select option 2 from the menu. Outside of hours you can email us at autodesk.helpdesk@ majentasolutions.com and we will respond to you in normal working hours.

Customer Portal Access

The Majenta Solutions Customer Portal is your online resource for logging your Autodesk software issues. The interface is easy to use and provides you with a comprehensive view of your cases. Visit the portal at www.majentasolutions.com/customerportal to log, track and manage your support cases.

MX Helpdesk Connect

Your complimentary MX Helpdesk Connect account enables you to send your data to the Majenta Helpdesk quickly and securely. MX has full send and receive traceability and no file size limit making it particularly useful for exchanging any large or secure files that you need to share with us in order to resolve your case.

MX Complimentary User Account

Your complimentary user account gives you full access to MX. Use MX to transfer business-critical and large data files with your suppliers, colleagues and remote workers quickly, securely and with complete confidence.

Autodesk Subscription Centre Support

We will keep track of your software serial numbers, subscriptions and your license file information so that we can resolve any issues on your behalf. We liaise with Autodesk and notify them of any updates such as a change in the contract manager name and contact details. This saves you valuable time and ensures that you never miss any communication sent to you directly from Autodesk.

We will also handle your requests for media (software CDs/USBs).


Subscription Plus Master

Inclusive of all Autodesk Subscription and Subscription Plus Pro features plus:

Dedicated Account Management

All customers on our Master package are allocated a dedicated Majenta Account Manager. Your Account Manager will become your key contact at Majenta for any general requirements or queries that you have relating to Majenta and Autodesk. From offering advice on products, pricing, services and training through to ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with the service that you are receiving, your Account Manager will become your leading source for advice.

Dedicated Technical Management

In addition to your Majenta Account Manager we will also allocate you a dedicated Technical Account Manager. Your Technical Account Manager will be responsible for ownership of your technical issues and queries from the point of logging through to resolution.

Technical Bulletin Updates

We issue regular technical bulletins containing pertinent information relating to general news and updates from Autodesk.

CAD Workstation Optimisation

Majenta’s dedicated IT Division specialises in supporting our Autodesk customers with advice on hardware and wider infrastructure solutions. On an annual basis one of our IT Technicians will evaluate your CAD hardware for you and offer advice on any identified improvements that could help you to optimise your software performance.

Technical User Days

Majenta hosts technical user days each year. The sessions, run by our Majenta Autodesk Technical experts, are an informal event designed with your users in mind. We will give an overview of the latest enhancements to the software, answer questions and spend quality time helping your staff to become even more proficient.

10% Discount on Academy Training Passport and Consultancy

The Majenta Academy runs continually throughout the year delivering courses on a wide variety of Autodesk products. We appreciate that investing in training is an additional cost so for our Master Support package we offer you a 10% discount off list price on all training courses that you book with us and any consultancy that you request during your contract period.

New Product Update Events

When Autodesk launch new products we run exclusive customer events and webinars that are specifically designed to give you first glance of the latest software on offer. These events help you to gain first-hand visibility of new Autodesk products and meet with the experts. A thorough understanding of these new products enables you to develop a roadmap for incorporating the latest Autodesk enhancements into your business.

Online Training Sessions

Majenta’s online training sessions provide an extremely efficient method of gaining awareness of the latest feature functions and technology releases from Autodesk.

Technical Account Management (TAM) Review

Our onsite full day review of your working practices and software productivity are conducted by your dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). In addition, your TAM will evaluate your current procedures to unearth bottle-necks and identify any skills gaps. They will also deliver a proposal designed to increase your workflow efficiency and user productivity.

Subscription Plus Genius

Inclusive of all Autodesk Subscription, Subscription Plus Pro and Master features plus:


IT Infrastructure Audit

To keep you at your most productive, we will offer you a free IT systems audit which covers server, storage and network infrastructure. We will review your environment to identify resource and network bottlenecks as well as assess your data back up and disaster recovery capability.

1 Day Majenta Academy Training

To ensure that your users are kept completely up to date with the latest technological developments and that your company maximises its software investment, we endorse the importance of regular training. That’s why our Genius package includes a complimentary training day on an Academy scheduled training course.

20% Discount on Academy Training Passport and Consultancy

Training and consultancy will help your business and your Autodesk users to ensure that you remain up to date with skills and software developments.

The Majenta Academy runs continually throughout the year delivering courses on a wide variety of Autodesk products. We appreciate that investing in training is an additional cost so for our Genius Support package we offer you a total of 20% discount off list price on all training courses that you book with us and any consultancy that you request during your contract period.

Telephone/Remote Assistance for Installations and Upgrades

When installing or upgrading your software you might find that you could benefit from some assistance. We offer telephone and remote assistance to help resolve any issues that you might encounter with your installation or upgrade. Majenta recommends that in order to reduce downtime and fully optimise the performance of your installation that you utilise our professional on site installation service.