Access a range of 3DEXPERIENCE Online Courses through Public Cloud Companion

Enhance your understanding, improve your skills and maximise your potential through specially developed and specific content for 3DEXPERIENCE roles.

The Public Cloud Companion is a dedicated 3DEXPERIENCE learning space, that is 100% hosted on the cloud. It’s quick and easy to use, customisable, and you can start your training in less than five minutes.

Why register for Online courses for 3DEXPERIENCE

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform introduces applications groups called ‘roles’ to best match users’ needs. Roles are designed to cover a broader set of activities that users need to accomplish in industry-specific domains. Examples of roles include: Creative Designer, Project Manager, Stress Analysis Engineer or Process Planner.

Public Cloud Companion products are sets of courses, exercises, and tests for each of these roles, available online. This allows you to be trained on 3DEXPERIENCE at your own pace.

Benefits of Online 3DEXPERIENCE Courses

There are a number of benefits for choosing to train through the Public Cloud Companion. These are:

  • Be trained on 3DEXPERIENCE roles at your own pace
  • Decrease travel time and expenses
  • Quickly get an answer whenever a question comes up
  • Perform evaluations at your own pace
  • Shorten your training program

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What specific 3DEXPERIENCE online training content will you have access to?

Built on the Dassault Systèmes’s recommended methodlogy, you’ll have access to a rich database of exercises, on a wide variety of industrial cases, and course content is constantly updated, at each new release.

Public Cloud Companion for 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio includes specific contents for the 3DEXPERIENCE’ roles providing:

  • Contextual information
  • Videos
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Lesson summaries
  • Glossaries & shortcuts
  • Case studies
  • Self-assessments

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  • "Having completed the Academy and combined what I learned with my exisiting knowledge of 3D design, I am confident I can excel."

    Paul Hamilton

    August Media

  • "The Academy gave me an extra push with Alias, to gain valuable experience in 3D modelling."

    Tina Kangas

    Freelance Designer

  • "With Freeform we have really taken a step up into robot world."

    Simon Tayler

    Creative Director
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