Our Autodesk helpdesk provides technical support and software resolutions

We appreciate just how much you and your business relies on your Autodesk software. We also recognise that software support needs to vary from business to business. That is why we have created a comprehensive range of Autodesk helpdesk packages and pricing options.

Our Subscription+ packages will provide you with a number benefits. From a host of value-added features and a Majenta Support Team that will ensure your queries are always resolved in an efficient, professional and friendly manner, Subscription+ offers you a more comprehensive Autodesk support package.

From time to time, do you experience Autodesk software challenges that slow you down?

What happens if you have an issue with your software that you cannot resolve yourself? As an Autodesk Subscription or Maintenance customer, you will automatically benefit from new software releases, enhancements and patches. Including the ability to log issues via the Autodesk Community forums. However, these will only get escalated to Autodesk Support after 24 hours, following no response to the initial query on the Community forums. Due to the nature of this being a Community forum, there is no official response time limit via a Service Level Agreement (SLA). You may also decide to solve these challenges via searching on the web or view Autodesk software forums. Either way, it’s precious time wasted.

Get the most from your Autodesk subscription software with our Autodesk helpdesk – Subscription+

There are two Subscription+ packages available, Pro and Master, each offering you a level of service and support that is right for your business.

As well as receiving your Autodesk Subscription or Maintenance benefits, you will have access to our Majenta Solutions software experts in a way that is right for you and gives your business the support it needs.

Subscription+ Pro

Majenta Helpdesk Customer Portal Access

The Majenta Helpdesk Customer Portal is your online resource for initiating and tracking support cases. With an easy to navigate interface, you will be provided with a comprehensive view of your active cases. To login to the Majenta Helpdesk Customer Portal, please visit majentasolutions.com/customerportal, where you can log, track and manage your cases.

Majenta Helpdesk Support

Available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm (excluding public holidays). Simply call the Majenta Helpdesk on +44 345 241 5111. Alternatively, you can email the Majenta Helpdesk at autodesk.helpdesk@majentasolutions.com. We aim to respond within 1 hour during the working hours stated above.

Additional Customisation of Autodesk software and/or third party applications will not be supported by the Majenta Helpdesk, without prior consent. Unless Majenta have taken part in the customisation/configuration of your Autodesk software, with full documentation.

Majenta Helpdesk Remote Support

At times, the easiest way for us to understand the full extents of any issues you may have or to help resolve these issues, is to remote on to your machine and have a look for ourselves. Majenta Helpdesk Remote Support, via TeamViewer, plays a vital role in answering your support query as efficiently and proficiently as possible. Please be aware with certain queries the Majenta Helpdesk Remote Support can be limited by the level of security you have on your workstation and/or Windows User login.

In addition, we can ‘quick connect’, which will leave you with an SOS shortcut on your desktop to rapidly re-establish a connection in the future.

The Majenta Helpdesk holds several TeamViewer licenses, so your company does not require any TeamViewer licenses for us to support you, we just send you an invite and connect.

Majenta Helpdesk MX Connect

Your complimentary Majenta Solutions Helpdesk MX Connect account enables you to send any data to support your case to the Majenta Solutions Helpdesk quickly and securely. Majenta MX has full send and receive traceability and no file size limit, making it particularly useful for exchanging any large or secure files that you need to share with us to resolve your case. Logins for Majenta Helpdesk MX Connect are assigned per supported and named user on the Majenta Subscription+ contract.

To login to MX, please visit access.mymxdata.com, where you can Send or Download data.

Majenta Academy Live Events

Keeping up to date with the latest software and industry developments is essential. That is why, as a Subscription+ Pro customer, you will be given priority notice and invitation to Majenta Academy Live events. The biggest event Majenta run for our users, is our annual Autodesk software launch, Academy Live, where we highlight the latest releases, features and benefits. Alongside this our highly experienced technical team will explain industry changes, future technologies and workflows to help benefit you and your business.

Autodesk Account Support

Autodesk provide customers with an Autodesk Account portal to enable you to manage software assets online. However, unless used regularly, this can be confusing to use.

The Majenta Helpdesk can assist you with any Autodesk license information you require, from software serial numbers to Autodesk contract information. To increase the level of support Majenta provide, we can be added to your Autodesk Account at your discretion, please contact us for more information.

In addition, we can liaise with Autodesk on your behalf and notify them of any changes, such as Contract Manager, Software Coordinator or contact information changes. Saving you time and guaranteeing you never miss communication sent directly from Autodesk.

Subscription+ Master

Inclusive of all Majenta Subscription+ Pro features plus:

MX Data Exchange Account

MX enables collaboration with messaging and bi-directional exchange of big data between your organisation, your suppliers, and your colleagues which allows users to send and receive unlimited data between each other, within an extremely secure environment.

As a Subscription+ Master customer, we will give you a complimentary account (10 Users) to get you started. The term of this account will last the length of your Majenta Subscription+ Master contract. These can be shared between your internal staff and supply chain or customer base.

Call our MX team on +44 1277 266960 to get started today.

Majenta Academy Online Training Sessions

Majenta Academy Online training videos help provide you and your team with extended learning across various Autodesk applications. Offering an effective method of gaining knowledge about the latest features, workflows and technology from Autodesk.

Technical Account Management Review (TAM)

Majenta Technical Account Management Reviews or TAM Reviews are designed to keep you up to date on all aspects of your software. TAM Reviews are an included benefit for anyone with a Majenta Subscription+ Master. We will contact you and arrange a Technical Consultant to visit your site at your convenience. TAM Reviews offer the opportunity to discuss several key areas across your business at a very high level, this information is then documented in a TAM Review report with advised actions based upon the discussion.

Majenta Hardware Technical Assistance

Majenta supply hardware alongside software, providing a wealth of knowledge internally within these two areas and the overlap between. This means we are well placed to help advise on whether current hardware is up to spec or if new hardware purchases will meet current requirements with some future proofing included.

Certain applications will demand more from components within a workstation, so choosing exactly the right specification to suit the applications you use, for the job you need to do, is vitally important.

Autodesk Legacy Product Version Support

If you are running with a version of Autodesk Software which is no longer supported (Autodesk support the current version, plus 3 previous) or has been discontinued, then Majenta Solutions can help. Should any issues raised for unsupported versions require a software fix to correct, then Majenta Helpdesk support will be unable to assist, as Autodesk will not release fixes for versions past the limit stated above.

Majenta Helpdesk ‘how to’ Assistance

At Majenta, we appreciate that it can be difficult to know all aspects of the software you are using. Therefore, our Majenta Subscription+ Master includes how to assistance, this is to cover those questions like “How do I use this feature?” Or “How could I create this shape?” Meaning that this service is more continued training learning, rather than traditional software issues and bug fixes.

Remote One-to-One Training Sessions

Support comes in a variety of different forms, so it is important that you receive the right type of support that helps you overcome software issues and challenges. Our Remote One-to-One Training Sessions are web based sessions arranged at a time to suit you. These sessions allow us to conduct training with a user, around a pre-arranged topic, helping cover things that come up on the Helpdesk, which are more of a training issue. Entitlement to these sessions varies depending on the Majenta Subscription+ Master contract purchased:

  • Majenta Subscription+ Master (Perpetual Renewal) includes up to four 1 hour Remote One-to-One Training Sessions. With additional users, over and above the standard (1-3 Users) added to the contract utilising the original entitlement from the main contract.
  • Majenta Subscription+ Master (Annual Subs contracts) includes one 1 hour Remote One-to-One Training Session per user.
    Majenta Subscription+ Master (Quarterly Subs contracts) does not include Remote One-to-One Training Session per user

Remote One-to-One Training Sessions are available for most Autodesk applications, however no simulation tools are covered, including, but not limited to, Inventor FEA & Frame Analysis, Nastran InCAD, Nastran, CFD and Moldflow.

Any unused time from a 1 hour Remote One-to-One Training Sessions will be deemed fully utilised, so unusable against another Remote One-to-One Training Sessions.

Additional Remote One-to-One Training Sessions can be purchased via a Majenta Services Passport, please contact Majenta for further information.

Remote One-to-One Installation and Upgrade Assistance

Majenta Subscription+ Master includes Remote One-to-One Installation and Upgrade Assistance. Installations can be tricky things at the best of times, but at Majenta we undertake installations weekly, so have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.

We are offering Remote One-to-One Installation and Upgrade Assistance to help with any queries you might have during this process. Unfortunately, we cannot remote in and complete the installation or upgrade for you in its entirety. However, if you wish for Majenta to conduct an on-site installation or upgrade to get you up and running as smoothly as possible, an additional service is available for this.

This service does not include Vault Server and we can only assist with Vault Clients, where Majenta have conducted the Server installation with full documentation of the setup.

10% Discount on Majenta Services Passport

Majenta Services Passports are allocated to a company, not an individual, meaning anyone from your business can attend a scheduled training course as many times as your Services Passport permits or perhaps you would get more out of on-site consultancy, the choice is yours. Multiple Passports can be purchased and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Services Passports enable you to control your budgets and negates the need to raise multiple purchase requisitions throughout the course of the year. Majenta Services Passports are already discounted and with a Majenta Subscription+ contract you will receive an additional 10% discount.

Success story

Take a look at how we helped Astheimer.

“My advice would be to try VR out, you need to try these things first. You can then discover whether it is relevant to your workflow, whether it would improve your processes and how it could impact your business. It is only after you review VR within your business that you can distinguish how tangible it is. Being able to trial VR is a valuable part of what Majenta Solutions can offer and being able to do this allowed us to make a conclusive decision to invest in VR through Majenta Solutions”.

Carsten Astheimer.

An Autodesk helpdesk that delivers real value to your business

Majenta Subscription+ packages have been developed specifically to ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it. In addition to software support, our packages include a wide range of features that will help you to maximise your Autodesk investment and ensure that your users realise the full potential of the software.

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  • "I enjoyed the training and now I am working on live projects!"

    Anthony Burgess

    Jaguar Land Rover

  • "We’ll be giving you guys 9 and 10’s"

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  • "Technology is enabling us to pull together the product design and manufacturing design aspects of the business. The experts at Majenta Solutions went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers."

    Beatson Clark

  • "The guys from Majenta have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

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