Certified Professional Exam

Are you looking to take a big career step in building design and construction? If you’re ready to showcase yourself and your skills, become a Certified Professional with Autodesk Revit Architecture®.

Revit® building design software includes features for architectural design and construction. Becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional can lead to accelerated career development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility. In short, it can help get you where you want to go.

Prepare for Success

Your preparation for the exam will be critical. As Autodesk’s exclusive provider for the Certified Professional program, Certiport makes Autodesk Revit Architecture® certification easier with a powerful three-step pathway:

Obtain the skills you need to use Autodesk Revit Architecture® at a professional level.

Refine your skills with interactive exampreparation tools and practice tests. Build the confidence you need to take the Autodesk Revit Architecture® Certified Professional Exam.

Validate your skills by passing the exam and receiving your official certificate.

Recommended Experience Levels

There’s no substitute for training and hands-on experience as you prepare for your Certified Professional exam. Certiport recommends the following. For comparison, we’ve also included information for Autodesk Certified User.

  • Training – Revit Architecture® 2011–2015 course (or equivalent)
  • Hands-on Experience – 50 hours.
  • Training – Revit Architecture® 2015 course (or equivalent)
  • Hands-on Experience – 400 hours

Certification Benefits

As an Autodesk Revit Architecture® Certified Professional, you’ll enjoy several career boosting benefits:

  • Prove your skill level with an official, industry-standard credential recognized by employers
  • Display the Autodesk Certified logo and your certificate
  • Include your name in the database of Autodesk Certified Professionals


Autodesk Certification

The Autodesk Certified Professional exam contains 35 questions. The majority of these require you to use Revit Architecture® to create or modify a data file, and then type your answer into an input box. Other question types include multiple choice, matching, and point-and-click. You will have a two-hour time limit (in some countries, the time limit may be extended).

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