Get Certified with a BIM Level 2 Training Course

The BIM Level 2 Course is a 3-day multidisciplinary course using best practice collaborative BIM processes and technologies.The course is intended for senior and middle management of client, design, construction and FM organisations and will improve their understanding of how to plan the implementation of a BIM process for the benefit of a project.The BIM process requires the interaction and collaboration of architects, engineers, planners, surveyors, contractors and suppliers throughout the project delivery cycle. This process needs to be planned, resourced and managed.

Our BIM Level 2 training course structure

  • The Project Design Brief
  • EIRs & AIRs
  • The BIM Execution Plan
  • Client Information Exchange – COBie
  • COBie Data Drop at Stages 1 – 6
  • Introducing the CDE
  • Discipline-Specific Design Authoring
  • Model Federation and Clash Detection
  • Model Validation
  • 4D and 5D Modelling and Take-off
  • Introduction to BIM in FM

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BIM Level Two and beyond

We have an entire website dedicated to BIM Level 2 and all things digital construction, so below is a taster of what is available.

Want to talk through what you’re looking to achieve, or what challenges you’re facing, then please get in touch with us.

BIM Services Provided by Majenta

Our BIM Consultants offer a number of BIM Services that can help your business and teams flourish within BIM frameworks.

BIM Level 2 is here and BIM Level 3 is being developed. Don’t waste any more time. See how Majenta’s BIM Consultants and our BIM Services can help you.

BIM Lifecycle and Documentation

Majenta’s BIM Consultants can work with you to align with your strategy, in order to create and develop structured and relevant BIM documentation tailored to your needs and requirements. We will consider your discipline, and advise and provide industry-specific best practices along with what information should be provided, and when in the BIM lifecycle it is needed.

Creating standardised elements within BIM models

BIM Object Creation is an integral part of the BIM process, underpinning and helping to standardise elements within the BIM model. object creation produces simplified versions of Building Products, providing an information-rich simplified 3D model that is usable by Architects, Engineers, and Contractors.

With 20 years experience in manufacturing and construction, Majenta BIM Consultants in-house team of content creators has a wealth of experience to advise on the best option for you get your Building Products to the wider audience and specified on projects through BIM Object Creation.

As the BIM industry develops it imperative to have your products available and ready to use. Majenta BIM Consultants are all based in the UK with industry experience and offer the following services:

  • External content creation
  • Content creation training courses
  • Tailored content creation training
  • New product development BIM support
  • Product Range Creation
  • Development Plans
  • PDT Templates
  • Product Review
  • Parametric Modelling
  • 3rd Party Hosting advice
  • Documentation: How to Guides and User Manuals

Making BIM implementation as easy as possible

With the complex nature of BIM Level 2 projects, applying BIM Level 2 Standards to projects can become a challenge. Trying to connect and co-ordinate project teams, designs, information and workflows can be difficult at the first attempt.

Majenta BIM Consultants work with you in order to assist with your BIM Implementation. This is typically aligned and tested on a pilot project to walk companies through the process to ensure that are self-sufficient going forward.

This approach gives us a solid foundation to build on and to enhance efficiencies across future projects.

Achieve the real value of BIM

By partnering with the Majenta BIM Consultants, your business will be able to see the real value of BIM. Our BIM consultants will work as extended team members to manage the BIM process from start to finish. This can comprise a number of different elements from our consultancy portfolio, but is designed to help you work towards being self-sufficient on future projects.

  • Information Management
  • Process Mapping & Project Plan
  • Coordination Strategies & Training
  • Bespoke BIM Consultancy

Helping you provide the correct information to your clients

With projects receiving large amounts of model and metadata throughout the information delivery cycle, it is important to make sure that the information you are receiving is correct, and in line with your standards. It is equally important to know that you are providing the correct information to your clients.

Model checking, clash detection and validation

New standards for Model Checking, Validation, and Quality Assurance are to become a requirement of the BIM Level 2 Mandate in October 2016. To ensure you are up-to-date with these changes, Majenta’s BIM Consultants provide their clients with all of the information they need to understand the mandate and any changes as soon as they are announced. We have a broad set of Solutions and Services to help our clients stay ahead of the curve whilst also working to the latest compliance standards.

BIM is a process-driven journey

Understanding that BIM is a process and not just a software tool is the most important part of your BIM journey. Being able to understand how models and drawings are created and how they can be integrated successfully into the project process is the key goal for most companies and consultancies.

Implementing a BIM Workflow

Majenta BIM Consultants understand that in order to implement a BIM workflow, the process and strategy needs to be considered first.

Our in-house team provides impartial advice on proven company BIM workflows. How to use workflows and manage change management processes to acquire BIM benefits for your team and organisations.

Majenta BIM Consultants believe having a clear and structured workflow in place gives adopters the best possible chance of success within project scenarios.

Beyond our BIM Level 2 services

Majenta’s BIM Consultants offer a number of BIM Services that can help your business and teams flourish within BIM frameworks.

Why you should partner with us

  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "We have had a close working relationship with Majenta for many years and fully rely on their knowledge, expertise and professionalism to support our busy CAD environment."

    Jason Diggle

    Application Support Analyst
    Wartsila Water Systems Ltd

  • "Thank you for everything, including Majenta Solutions'  hospitality and especially for Nick's brilliant way of lecturing. I took the skills I needed  and more from the course."

    Rami El Ahmadieh

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