You wouldn’t use tin cans to communicate within your business, so why would you risk your privacy by using FTP to share files? Sending your data across a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) session is, in short, gambling with the security of your entire business. The reasons below are why we at Majenta developed MX – our solution that safely and efficiently exchanges your data across the Internet via our easy-to-use web interface.

1. FTP is Outdated
FTP itself is actually over 40 years old, and as with most legacy technologies, it is beginning to show its age. Put simply, FTP can no longer keep up with the demands of modern businesses. You could suffer from a slow transfer rate, and if you’re using a combination of FTP and e-mail to share your files, you could be restricted by file size limits. By contrast, MX is constantly updated and supported by a dedicated in-house team. Our system is up to 700x faster than our competitors alone, and automatically compresses your files, so you’re not restricted by any limits.


2. FTP Connections are Unencrypted

This means that your data is vulnerable to interception by rogue eavesdroppers. Your business’s data is at their peril and exposed to all manner of cyber-attacks and theft. Without encryption, personal information is sent across in clear text, easily readable in human form. Using a file transfer system like MX instead of FTP ensures that your data is protected throughout the entire process.


3. FTP Clients are Hard to Use

An FTP client is the software used to manage your files. Yet, without the relevant technical knowledge, they can be difficult to get to grips with. It is even harder to then allow access to other users, and you are not notified when files have been sent or received. The easy drag-and-drop web interface that MX provides gives you total control of your data and users from start to finish. You are sent notifications of any file transfers, so you know exactly what is going on in your business. What’s more, we provide real-time support from our UK-based team if you do have any issues.


Frankly, FTP is behind the times when it comes to security, access and ease of use. MX is a professional and modern FTP alternative. We’re part of the next generation of tools for sharing files and collaborating over the Internet, making it safer, simpler, and more secure to work with colleagues around the world. Whatever file sharing platform you choose, it shouldn’t be FTP – it may just compromise the security and professionalism of your entire business.

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