Our BIM Team had a play around scanning our office in Coventry, in the spirit of Easter, they’ve hidden a few Easter eggs around the office, how many can you find? Take a look at the full scan


What is the Matterport Scanner?

Streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. With Matterport, creating 3D models takes almost no time at all. The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera captures 2D photography and 3D data from job sites and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3D model of a real-world job site.

How does it work?

  • Scan your site
  • Upload your data
  • Annotate, share and measure

What are the uses of a Matterport Scan?

  • Virtual tours
  • Point cloud generation
  • As-Built Models
  • Simple 3D Construction Documentation

What are the benefits of using the Matterport Scanner?

  • Quicker than 3D laser scanning – 1 minute per scan
  • More complete than handheld 3D scanners – Accurate within 1%
  • No registration markers required – The 3D scanning process is push-button simple. No registration markers and no manual alignment required. Everything is automatic!

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