The latest Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA release delivers multiple enhancements for those working in Design, Engineering, Systems Engineering, as well as Construction Professionals. This article will focus on the upgrades that provide benefits to Engineers. 

These include:

  • New Role: Multi-Disciplines Automated Drafter
  • Upgraded Role: Mechanism Simulation Designer
  • Enhanced App: Function Driven Generative Designer

New Role: Multi-Disciplines Automated Drafter

The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x release introduces the Multi-Disciplines Automated Drafter role. This role extends CATIA drafting with functions and content for rule-based automatic generation of specialised drawings. In particular, this role will support customers who require the creation of 10,000’s of specialised drawings.

Users will benefit from:

  • A significant increase in speed and accuracy with the smart automatic generation of industry-standard compliant drawings from (and synchronisation with) the master 3D model. In the shipbuilding industry, for example, engineers can easily create a range of multi-view Frame Drawings for consecutive frames, complete with symbols and annotations, based on templates and rules.
  • Once the first multi-view drawing has been defined, it can be applied to any other 3D frames or assemblies to generate the corresponding drawings automatically.
  • Customers will reduce certification document production costs and improve quality.


Upgraded Role: Mechanism Simulation Designer

The Mechanism Simulation Designer role already delivers a customer and industry-proven experience for Kinematics, fully integrated into the 3D product definition. The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x release extends this solution with new capabilities for rigid body dynamics and the introduction of humans in the context of mechanisms.

The upgrades in this release support Rigid body dynamics with benefits that include, enhanced performance and accuracy, including contact management with intermittent contact and the inclusion of friction properties.

R2020x provides benefits for Simulation, including the availability of more excitations and measures, allowing users to simulate more scenarios. For example, you can now define a law and use it to apply a controlled variable force. Also, human manikins can be added to the design context to allow the study of the human’s interaction with the mechanism.


Enhanced App: Function Driven Generative Designer

The “Function Driven Generative Designer” role, allows designers to generate optimised conceptual parts and assemblies from functional specifications automatically.

The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x release sees the introduction of seamless integration between GDE and advanced SIMULIA roles for Stress Analysts. Advanced FEA users can use a SIMULIA role to refine or add specific properties to the part or assembly (E.g., inertia matrix rather than a simple point mass). GDE will then consider this setup during the optimisation, or provide warnings in the case of incompatible simulation objects.

Now for a given family of parts, a stress analysis expert can set up a template, including loading and boundary conditions, meshing specifications, some of which may be regulatory. The designer can then apply that template to a new part design, ensuring rapid and accurate setup and a faster-optimised part which is compliant with the expert template. Virtual contacts can now be created, without the need to model the surrounding parts. Centrifugal forces can now be incorporated in the optimisation process.

With Milling Assistant, which creates parts optimised for the milling process, productivity is then increased through the ability to define symmetries, reducing setup time.


Enhancements for different disciplines:

  • Everyone: New functionality for the 3D Generative Innovator Role and 3DPlay. Find out more.
  • Designers: This release sees a new Human Experience Design role, which expands on the use of virtual humans beyond specialist studies. There are also a few upgrades to CATIA Natural Sketch and ICEM Design Experience. Find out more.
  • Systems Engineers: R2020x introduces Systems Synthesis Analyst which addresses all users in a program, who can now review and analyse traceability. This connects seamlessly to the new CATIA Magic Portfolio. Find out more.
  • Construction Professionals: The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x provides a range of advanced capabilities for steel structures, linear infrastructure design, facade design and IFC interoperability. Find out more.
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