The latest Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA release delivers multiple enhancements for those working in Design, Engineering, Systems Engineering, as well as Construction Professionals. This article will focus on the upgrades that provide benefits to Systems Engineers. 

These include:

  • New Role: Systems Synthesis Analyst
  • Enhanced App: Electrical and Electronics Architect

New Role: Systems Synthesis Analyst

The R2017x release saw the introduction of the “Systems Synthesis Designer” role which enables architects (system, electrical & electronics, software) to have a complete view of the project to ensure compliance at all levels (traceability), organise collaboration, and generate reports.

R2020x introduces a complementary role, Systems Synthesis Analyst, which addresses all users in a program, who can now review and analyse traceability. This role enables end-to-end traceability and collaboration on systems models.

Both of these roles can connect seamlessly to the new CATIA Magic portfolio. You can connect to the CATIA Magic portfolio through the Magic Collaboration Studio, which enables collaboration on live data.

The CATIA Magic portfolio provides: 

  • The most standard-compliant solution on the market (DoDAF 2.0, MODAF, NAF 4, UAF and UPDM standards) for Systems of Systems engineering as well as the definition of Enterprise Architectures.
  • A SysML compliant solution. The CATIA Magic portfolio enables users to run engineering analysis for design decisions, evaluation and requirements verification, continuously checking model consistency and tracking design progress.
  • A UML compliant solution for the definition of software architectures.


Enhanced App: Electrical and Electronics Architect

The Electrical and Electronic Architect role allows web-based definition, development & management of embedded electronics and software across a complete vehicle and its variants. This release has enriched this functionality, with an extended data model to better model hardware architectures and to support the structuring and positioning of electrical & electronic equipment in racks. The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x release also shows an extended functionality that supports Avionics Software Architecture definition based on the ARINC653 standard.

Architects can work and collaborate in the context of a shared complete vehicle architecture on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, removing design errors and misunderstandings.


Enhancements for different disciplines:

  • Everyone: New functionality for the 3D Generative Innovator Role and 3DPlay. Find out more.
  • Engineers: The CATIA R2020x release sees the new Multi-Disciplines Automated Drafter role extend CATIA Drafting capabilities as well as the Function Driven Generative Designer and Mechanism Simulation Designer receiving performance, property and function enhancements. Find out more.
  • Designers: This release sees a new Human Experience Design role, which expands on the use of virtual humans beyond specialist studies. There are also a few upgrades to CATIA Natural Sketch and ICEM Design Experience. Find out more.
  • Construction Professionals: The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x provides a range of advanced capabilities for steel structures, linear infrastructure design, facade design and IFC interoperability. Find out more.


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