With the release of AutoCAD 2019 you have access to all industry specific toolsets in one application, in one AutoCAD! AutoCAD 2019 is designed to allow you to work faster from anywhere from the web and from mobile apps.


No matter the design challenge, you’ll always have the right tool at hand.

When you subscribe to AutoCAD 2019, you gain access to all the capabilities of the industry-specific toolsets and libraries including Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, MEP, and more.

Mechanical Toolset – With more than 700,000 intelligent manufacturing parts, symbols and features you can accelerate your product design.

Architectural Toolset – with more than 8,000 intelligent architectural objects you can now speed architectural drawings and documentations and automate sections, floorplans, elevations etc.

Electrical Toolset – With more than 65,000 intelligent electrical symbols speed your design of panel layouts, schematics and more

Map 3D Toolset – manage your spatial data more easily and efficiently with automated business work flows, report templates and more.


MEP Toolset – With more than 10,500 intelligent mechanical, electrical and plumbing objects you can now work efficiently and quickly.
Plant 3D Toolset – Quickly produce plant layouts, schematic diagrams and more.

Raster Design Toolset – Use the raster-to-vector tool to convert raster images into DWG objects. Easily clean and edit raster images within a familiar AutoCAD environment.


  • Access libraries of symbols, parts and detail components.
  • Automate the creation of annotations, layers and properties.
  • Work in the familiar AutoCAD interface while using industry-specific functionality.
  • Extend workflows across disciplines more efficiently.


Work anytime, anywhere with the new web and mobile apps!

Web App: New to the AutoCAD family of products, the AutoCAD web app gives you quick, anytime access to your latest projects no matter where you are!


With the new AutoCAD web app, there’s no download required – simply type web.autocad.com into the browser and login to begin working. You get core 2D drafting and annotation commands so you can complete your work whilst at home, on-site or on the move. With the original AutoCAD engine at the core, you get the precision, consistency and fidelity you’ve come to expect from AutoCAD.

You also get core AutoCAD commands, enabling you to get up to speed quickly and be productive with very little learning or training required. However, if you would like to enhance your AutoCAD skill portfolio then you can view our fully accredited Autodesk AutoCAD training courses here.


Mobile App: Designed specifically for users working onsite, the mobile app has adapted many of the traditional desktop AutoCAD tools, and developed new mobile-only tools to extend the power of AutoCAD to mobile.


With the AutoCAD mobile app, you can take your work to the field and even offline.

In addition to core 2D drafting tools, extend your workflow to the field by adding laser measurements or photos directly to your DWG. On devices like iPad Pro and Windows Surface, the mobile app takes advantage of the high-resolution display and supports the stylus for more precise drafting, editing, and annotations.



  • Accessibility: Stay on top of your projects anytime, anywhere.
  • Extended Workflows: Edit, annotate, create and view your DWGs to extend your workflows beyond your desk.
  • AutoCAD Core Technology: The power, reliability and familiarity of the AutoCAD core engine.


More new features

DWQ Compare: New DWG Compare tools enable identification of graphical differences between two revisions of any drawing.

DWG Compare is a new addition to the core functionality of AutoCAD which allows users to manage changes between drawings or Xref revisions. This function overlays two drawings and highlights the differences between them making it easier to review and understand which parts of the drawings have been changed.


Shared Views: Making it easier to share designs with key stakeholders.

This is an enhancement to the “Share Design Views” feature that allows you to publish design views to a URL so you can share drawings and get feedback from clients and stakeholders without sharing the DWG files. Now it is much faster to upload a file to your browser, it’s easier for drafters to respond to feedback directly in AutoCAD and you have more control over what the collaborator can see and do.


Updates to the User Interface: Updated to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

More than 200 dialog boxes and other User Interface elements have been updated to ensure the best possible viewing experience on 4K displays and higher. A few examples include the Edit Layer State and Insert Table dialog boxes as well as the Visual LISP editor. Plus, support for high-resolution monitors continues to be improved.


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