This week, Autodesk have released the Inventor 2019.2 release, built around customer requests. You can access the 2019.2 update from your Autodesk Account.


New features:


Multiple Search Enhancements
  • The Advanced Search and Basic tab categories are now located in the Quick Search pane in the Content Center Editor.
  • You can now save a Content Center search query when the search results are displayed: The search query saves to the active search category and the name of search is the searched values. To rename the saved search, click the name in the browser.


Frame Generator

Frame Generator contains the following performance and productivity improvements:

  • Application Options: The File tab has a new File Naming Defaults section for frame generator.

    In the File Naming Defaults dialog, click the Add Attribute drop-lists to configure your naming scheme.


  • Miter: The option to Select Multiple Frame Members is added to the dialog. Enable the option to miter multiple members at the same time.


Model Browser Access Enhancement

Access points for the model browser have been added for all document types. When the browser is not displayed, you will see this icon  in the upper left of the graphics display. Click the icon to show the available browser panels for the active document.

Spell Check

The Format Text dialog box now provides Inventor with spell check functionality. When Spell Check is turned on, a red squiggly line displays underneath the text to indicate the word is not in the active dictionary. Right-click to access options for managing the selection.

Access options for managing Spell Check and custom dictionaries from the red squiggly line’s context menu (Spell Check Settings) and from the General tab in the Application Options dialog box.

Note: Spell Check is on by default.
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