Vault is Autodesk’s Data Management Software, and we have two resident Vault pros in the form of Paul Woodhouse and Rob Jordan at Majenta Solutions. We’ve recently developed a bespoke app to support a cold roll-forming customer’s specific requirements around data management, and are currently building another bespoke model for a well-known robotics company.

The Challenge

Our cold roll-forming customer has many departments, their Technology Centre is an area where they asked us to focus on initially, which is where they use the most CAD software. The Technology Centre had no control over documents being checked, revised and released to manufacturing, which caused some issues during their design process. We implemented Vault Professional to tackle the problems experienced by the Technology Centre and automate some fundamental processes. We then created a bespoke app that integrates with Vault Professional to automate the creation of DXF files.

What is the App?

The app was developed and built as a bespoke solution and is a plug-in to Vault Professional; the app automates a current manual process in creating DXF files, which are used in the customer’s environment for data exchange with suppliers and also for laser cutting. The primary benefit is that because this has been a manual process, the automated process is not only saving time, but it is reducing the workload of the primary user. The secondary benefit is that the file is automatically added to Vault Professional with revision and version history, providing the design team greater control and reduces the time spent working on archive data to create past versions.

DXF File Creation

The Future for Autodesk Vault Plug-in Apps

Our app creation journey started with our Autodesk Helpdesk tools, which allowed us to offer a higher level of support to our Vault customers. Once our customers became more familiar with these apps, it was evident that bespoke plug-in apps could streamline their processes even further. The app development sector is likely to grow due to the perfect storm of the sector shifting away from working harder to working smarter, and as we have seen in other markets, customers want more bespoke solutions.

Majenta Solutions’ Autodesk Helpdesk Tools


The second bespoke app in development is for a well-known robotics company, who are Vault Professional customers. Due to a specific challenge being driven by a higher level use of data management, with a more significant implementation requirement, we are creating a plug-in which allows for on-demand automated PDF creation.


Paul Woodhouse is Autodesk Technical Consultant at Majenta Solutions. Paul has a long history of working in the computer software industry and is skilled in Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Add-in Development, Autodesk Vault, Technical Support and Customer Service.





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