Earlier this year Majenta Solutions were on a site in Central London using a Faro scanner to create a BIM model assessment of a Building site for The O’Keefe Group. We asked one of our BIM Technical Consultants, Anthony to tell us more about conducting the scan.

These scans take place to enable the contractor on site – in this case, O’Keefe, to make sure their BIM model still accurately represents the physical site itself. If there are some components out of place – e.g. a Pipe is 100mm higher than anticipated – they can quickly amend their BIM model and correct any issues this may have caused further down the design process; saving money and time.

The equipment is placed at certain points around the site – the settings are input such as whether we want the scan to be in colour and the quality of each scan. The equipment will then take a 320° scan of the surrounding area – shooting a laser up to 350m away that then bounces back to the camera millions of times to accurately build an image of the surrounding area.

Figure 1 The point cloud data from the scans

Once the scan is complete, the equipment then takes images of the area that overlay the Point Cloud Data.

I learnt three things from the scan;

  • Firstly, the weather can influence the quality of the scan – for a more accurate scan do it on a dry day.
  • Secondly, get out of its way. Otherwise, it’s going to pick you up in the scan.
  • Thirdly, if you are going to be in the scan …… smile!

Once the scan had taken place – we then moved to another point on the site to repeat the process and get another scan. The more scans that you make, the more accurate the data will be at the end.
Due to the fact this was a working site – we were not able to get access to the entire site however the scan we created from the limited viewpoints still created enough information for O’Keefe to use.

Figure 2 The 3D photo created after the point cloud scan

This scan was the first of three scans to take place, the others to take place as the project progresses.
This solution is another way that Majenta Solutions work with our partners, such a Faro to increase the quality of BIM projects for customers.


Anthony Sheward is a BIM Technical Consultant at Majenta Solutions, Anthony has been working in the construction industry for the last 5 years, working for a mixture of consultative organisations. Since joining Majenta Solutions, Anthony has used this experience to ensure end users are prepared for BIM projects and have the correct tools available to complete the job at hand.
Relevant Qualifications:
• Architectural Technology and Practice BSc (Hons)
• Autodesk Certified Professional
• ACI certification
• Technical Mortars Certification
• Autodesk Revit certified


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