As a manufacturer, more often than not you will be providing products directly to a contractor or maybe even to another supplier within a supply chain. Through the adoption, implementation, and use of BIM, specifiers are discovering new, digital routes to market for manufacturers – because of this, BIM is now a must for Manufacturers who want to stay ahead of their competition.


  1. New routes to market and a larger reach.

As the days of the shop front are fading and the world continues to push into the digital era, new routes to market are being identified using BIM. Essentially, what we’re seeing is a shift from your traditional showrooms and shop window displays to an online BIM Object Hosting platform such as our partners BIMobject. To take advantage of this change, manufacturers are producing BIM Object Models (digital twins) of their products of which can be hosted on these sites and are able to fully integrate with BIM.


  1. Ability to enhance product development through early testing.

By creating a BIM object model, you are able to simulate a series of theoretical tests to see how different variables affect the function and performance of the product, allowing for more-informed product development. A BIM model also allows architects to see how the product would perform in the proposed environment and how factors such as temperature, space, and humidity may affect the products function or performance.


  1. Improved collaboration between manufacturing and design teams.

Offering BIM Objects that can be easily accessed and downloaded requires manufacturers to integrate their products into the design process at an earlier stage, increasing and improving collaboration and interaction between the two teams. By embracing the transition to digital construction and providing accessible content in multiple formats, you’re also allowing your prospects to access your products at their discretion.


At Majenta, we are the leading partner for BIMobject in the UK and are well equipped to support you no matter what stage you’re at. The services we can support with include, but are not limited to:

BIM Object Content Creation

BIM Object Content Creation Training

BIM Object hosting

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