The purpose of CATDUA is to Check, Clean and where possible resolve errors and inconsistencies in Dassault V5 data.

The Catia V5 Batch Utility can be run from a Catia V5 via “Tools>Utilities” in the Catia V5 top bar or external to Catia V5 session Windows “Start>Programs>Catia>Batch Management CatiaRevision”.


When should CATDUA be used?

  • Before data exchange Catia V5 to Step, IGES, CADX.
  • Before data update between Catia Versions.
  • CATDUA may resolve following issues,- Catia/Delmia V5 data saving issues, Catia/Delmia V5 application hangs persistent “OK to Terminate”errors.
  • CATDUA can also reduce the unnecessary data size of large CATPart and CATProcess in certain circumstances by removing unnecessary data.
  • Can be used at regular intervals as preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of Catia/Delmia V5 data related issues.

CATDUA Batch utility tool can be used to check and/or clean single Catia/Delmia V5 data files or multiple files as defined below,

  • Single CATPart, CATProduct, CATProcess etc
  • Contents of Folder containing Catia/Delmia V5 data.
  • Selection based on file name based on the character

When the Selected Operation is defined as “Check” CATDUAV5 will run a data check on the required data file/files and produce reports in HTML format. By default, the report target directory in the user’s profile in APPDATA\temp folder.


The resultant report will help decide if a clean is required. If you are unsure, the reports can be sent to our helpdesk to assist in possible issue resolution.



If after a check is completed or if the user wishes to use the “Clean” option can be chosen instead of Check.

The selected data defined in the “Document selection” field will then be cleaned.

NOTE, it may be necessary to select a Catia V5 license configuration such as MD2, HD2, CAC etc. if using CATDUA from standalone CATUtility tool, just select the “License Setup” button from the bottom of the CATDUAV5 window and select an available license from the resulting “License” menu.

This process is not required if you are running CATDUAV5 utility from within a CATIA V5 session.

As with the ‘Check’ option, various selection criteria can be defined depending on the type of data needing to be cleaned, Pointed documents subdirectories etc.


When cleaning data, there are many more options related to saving the cleaned result. These options will allow the user to choose between,

  • Write cleaned data to the default target directory or a user-defined target directory.
  • Rename cleaned data.
  • Overwrite existing data.



Once the required selection is made then user can select “OK” in to “File Selection” and then the “Run” button from the CATDUAV5 menu. The check will start and may take several minutes depending on the size of data to be checked/Cleaned.

During the CATDUAV5 run a windows Command Window will display the run status and close when finished.


A full report of the clean will be produced defining errors found action taken and if clean is successful in the same way as defined in the check process.

NOTE, In the case of document links between data it is advisable to verify the coherence of the cleaned data after it is processed, e.g. open CATProduct to verify contextual link info and that constraints between assembly components are unaffected.


It is possible with more expert knowledge to define the clean criteria using the “Selection filter” menu in the main CATDUAV5 panel. These selection criteria define diferent error type dependent on the DS Catia V5/Delmia V5 Data or application. In most cases the default is selection is more than adequate.

If more detailed information is required of problem cleaning required data encountered then please contact the Majenta Solutions Dassault Helpdesk, or call us on 02476 308 035.


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