Dassault Systèmes has created some new CATIA packages for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), these are referred to as the CATIA Engineering Excellence Packages.  These packages provide a set of applications that cover end to end processes for both Mechanical and Shape Design. CATIA Engineering Excellence packages also provide an advanced set of applications that extend the functionality within CATIA V5 while also introducing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for collaboration and data management.

CATIA Engineering Excellence enables you to:

  • Design right first time by working in the context of the virtual product
  • Easily apply company-defined standards to ensure design quality
  • Ensure compliance of 3D conceptual design with product specifications
  • Rapidly morph shapes while maintaining surface quality throughout the process
  • Provides the right and complete information directly in 3D
  • To reuse and improve existing components
  • Enrich your designs
  • Validate your designs
  • To collaborate and manage your data
  • Rapidly share design specifications within and throughout the enterprise
  • Increase product quality by taking into account manufacturing constraints early in the design process
  • Save time and reduce costs by recycling and enhancing existing components
  • Improve designs with sophisticated and complex shapes
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders and effectively manage data using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform


CAT3DX via PLM Express

These packages use the PLM Express edition of CATIA, but the base configuration is CAT3DX rather than CAT, this configuration includes entry level licenses to Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience platform, (see my previous blog on CATIA V5 PLM Express for more information on this).

There are 2 CATIA Engineering Excellence Packages available CATMEE – CATIA Mechanical Engineer Excellence and CATMSE – CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence.


The CATMEE package

CATIA Mechanical Engineer Excellence package provides all the necessary tools to perform advanced 3D design of parts and assemblies in the context of the full-scale digital mock-up and generation of production drawings. In addition, it includes Sheet metal design capabilities, along with workbenches to enable the creation of jigs and tools and the ability to generate 3D functional tolerancing and annotation.  DMU review capabilities such as kinematics and space analysis are also included to enable reviews and analysis of designs can be carried out.  The CATMEE package includes the following CATIA configurations:

  • MCE – Mechanical Product Creation
  • FPE – Fabricated Product Creation
  • JTE – Jigs and Tooling Creation
  • FTX – 3D Master
  • TRE – Technological Specifications Review
  • PRX – Animated Product Review


The CATMSE package

CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence package builds on the CATMEE package but adds additional capabilities around the design of complex shapes and surfaces, these capabilities include Generative Shape Design, Freestyle Shape and Developed Shapes.  The CATMSE package contains the same configurations as the CATMEE package but adds the following configurations:

  • HSX – Mechanical Shape Optimisation
  • FSX – Freestyle Shape Design

The CATIA Engineering Excellence Packages are a cost-effective way of getting advanced CATIA functionality included.  As the cost of the packages is far less than if the individual products or configurations are purchased separately.

Dassault Systèmes has also made it simple to upgrade to these new packages, i.e. if you currently have either an MD1 or MD2 – CATIA V5 Mechanical Design configuration you can upgrade to the CATMEE – CATIA Mechanical Engineer Excellence package or if you have an HD2 – Hybrid Design 2 configuration you can upgrade to the CATMSE – CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence package.

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