It all starts with you: Configure your organisation to save time and innovate future products.

As a technical specialist in an engineering-led organisation, your work has given you hands-on experience with the tools and the infrastructure that underpins success in what you do.  

This is important because, no matter which sectors you work with, world events and disruptive technologies are fundamentally changing complex industries. The solutions, the tools and the underlying software you implement can deliver the robust processes and efficiency that your organisation needs to shine on a competitive global stage.  

But that stage is more complicated and more demanding than ever before. Modern demands, from stakeholders and customers, can put a real strain on resources. Organisations are under enormous pressure to find more efficient ways to satisfy the demand for diversified ranges of smarter products. To cope with unprecedented strain, efficient workflows must connect departments internally, and organisations externally.  

The solution is to consolidate data on a timesaving and unifying platform. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform by Dassault Systèmes offers you a secure central location to manage, access and compare all data with your clients. A single digital environment makes multichannel communication easier to understand by bringing it together and building a complete picture with data from other software packages such as CATIA. 

By bringing everyone together with your newly installed platform, you’ll expand your toolkit and provide the space for the discussions which shape your business. Innovators will solve problems faster…because the full picture is already there. Say goodbye to wasted time and disparate data sources. Empowered by your expertise and underpinned by platform-based working, your organisation will work simultaneously with clients to deliver time compression and build trust.  

With your knowledge of 3DEXPERIENCE, you can configure your organisation to save time and innovate the products of the future. Your career. Everyone’s future. It all starts with you.

View a case study with our customer Contechs to understand how adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helped them revolutionise their innovation and design the cars of the near future.








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