This technical tips blog will show you step-by-step how to find and identify your Dassault Systèmes TargetID. If you are ever in need of support and contact our helpdesk, there are times that we may request your TargetID.

This TargetID is a unique identifier that is used to assign your Dassault Systèmes licences to your hardware.

Why would I need my Dassault Systèmes TargetID?

There are a few reasons why we may require your TargetID, such as;

  • When you’re purchasing a new licence(s)
  • When undergoing an upgrade or replacement of your Licence Server
  • If you request to move a Nodelock licence from an old workstation to a new one
  • Should you have any issues with hardware failure


Finding Your TargetID

  • Use the following links to download the TargetID Utility: exe
  • Copy the extracted file DSLicTarget.exe to C:\Temp\
  • Open ‘Command Prompt’
  • Change command prompt directory to C:\Temp using the following command
    • cd c:\temp
  • Type in DSLicTarget.exe -t and that should return the TargetID
  • Return this TargetID to ourselves and we can create your licence. This will be sent VIA email from Dassault directly.

For further support please email providing as much information as possible.



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