In today’s world, the innovators driving industries from automotive to aerospace, have one goal – and it’s one that you share.  

You want to design, develop and deliver leading products that will improve lives and change the world for the better. In the hands of those who need them, your products can be the change you set out to make.  

Unfortunately, you are not alone. Competition in complex industries is increasing, and for engineers (and all who work with them) the pressure to reach the market first has never been higher. Consumers know what they want, and bright minds across industries are scrambling to meet their demands with ever more intelligent products. This is a competition in the modern age.  

Just as the consumer is becoming more savvy and demanding, you must become faster and more agile to deliver your products to tight deadlines…without losing quality. It’s a difficult challenge and one that everyone from engineering to marketing must overcome together. The key is streamlined collaboration that can eliminate unnecessary meetings and long email chains, and work just as effectively when your designer and project manager are hundreds of miles apart. 

This is exactly what 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud provides, by bringing key aspects of your business together on one intuitive platform, giving everyone access to the data they need at the right time. But we can do better than that. Our CORE 3DEXPERIENCE package comes ready-equipped with the four hand-picked 3DEXPERIENCE roles that will connect your departments, and allow engineers and designers to work with marketing and sales teams in one smooth product lifecycle. 

But don’t take our word for it. We want to show you exactly how the four roles we’ve identified for our CORE package will help you collaborate remotely to design, develop and sell competitive and world-changing products.   

You are invited to a webinar at 11 am on the 10th of September 2020 for a live in-person demonstration of our 3DEXPERIENCE CORE package. See for yourself how one product can transform your product lifecycle for the better. 

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