The catalyst for digitisation in Higher Education and Healthcare has been led by the ‘Government BIM Mandate’ announced in 2011 and providing the target date for compliance as 2016 for centrally funded projects. Some HE establishments saw the opportunity to adapt their estates’ management practices in line with the mandate, and Majenta’s Digital Construction division has been working with universities since the very start to help organisations manage the change towards digital. And several Healthcare Trusts are now starting on this journey.

How can we help?

At Majenta, we understand the importance of digitisation in Higher Education and Healthcare and have been successful in helping several institutions achieve success. We have helped deliver robust systems and strategies for managing digital estates information and has worked with sector leading organisations such as the University of Cambridge and Heart of England NHS FT to define and implement their Digital Estates Management Strategy. This has included: defining internal design standards, drafting BIM documentation, leading training programmes to ensure staff development and buy-in, developing process documentation, and defining information workflows between estates management systems from Capital Projects through to Facilities Maintenance (FM).

We understand that controlling the core data related to the estate is critical and Majenta’s knowledge and experience gained within the HE and Healthcare sector has led us to engage with significant organisations across Retail and National Infrastructure where the advantages of digitalising an estate are increasingly being recognised. Our extensive partnership network of best in class technology providers, government advisors and industry standards bodies always helps to provide a source of best practice.

Majenta understands how to set up and deliver a strategy, and feasibility project focused on new technology and process adoption. We have a pedigree of collaborating with estates teams on complex projects and excel at change management and transitioning organisations from disconnected or paper-based systems into a streamlined, optimised and BIM-enabled digital environment.

We believe that at the heart of your future estate strategy is your data. Guaranteeing trust in your data’s accuracy, traceability and broader value to the business will future-proof your business against evolving industry standards and compliance requirements. A robust digital estate strategy will also provide the solid foundation required for future adoption of new, Smart and efficiency saving technologies.


Don’t just take our word for it.

We helped the University of Cambridge develop, implement and maintain a Digital Estates Management strategy that covers their whole campus. Here’s what they had to say about working with us…

“The guys from Majenta Solutions have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta Solutions is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university.”

says Chris Hinton, Senior Technical Specialist, University of Cambridge.

“Majenta has helped us completely turn around our work processes,”

To find out more, please read our University of Cambridge Case Study.

What next?

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