This guide will explain how the ENOVIA Digital Mock-Up Navigator – Digital Mock-up 2D workbench can be used to easily locate changes to a CATDrawing by comparing two revisions. For CATIA Drawings with a lot of changes, this method will highlight changes and make them significantly easier to locate. At the end of this guide, you can access a pausable video demo to play alongside your own efforts.

A production drawing will normally (figure 1) have a revision ladder, usually in the top right-hand corner, which will give information regarding any change made in that revision and the location on the drawing. This allows the change to be located by grid reference.

Example: Released under Change Approval – XXXXXXXXXX grid 5J section view added.

Fig.1: Example of drawing detail change.

This information, however, can be difficult to see this way if there are many changes, or if the only changes to the layout do not include a modification to the part.

The ENOVIA – DMU Navigator V5 – Digital Mock-up 2D workbench enables two revisions of a CATDrawing or CGM file to be compared and the changes highlighted. This can make revision information much more visually accessible.

Fig. 2: Comparison example.


Fig. 3: Detail for Revision 1.

Fig. 4: Detail for revision 2.





Fig. 3: Open the DMU Navigator V5 – Digital Mock-up 2D workbench.

(Close the default product if applicable and open one of the drawings/CGM file for comparison).

Fig. 4: Select compare drawings

Fig. 5: Select the second drawing for comparison.

Fig. 6: Result

Fig. 7: Change preferences to suit (Blue is common detail).




Fancy a demonstration?
Get access to a full video demo of the above steps, pausable at any time. Just input your details, and get ready to give that a try.

Access the Demo Video

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