Thinking of upgrading your company’s data exchange solution?

Tired of relying on USB sticks, consumer-led portals or unsecure FTP clients?

MX is the safest way to share your business critical data with colleagues and suppliers. Fast, secure, reliable and trusted by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, MX is particularly beneficial for companies with a requirement to share large data files with external sources in a secure environment.

  • Secure 256bit encryption
  • Rapid deployment – no training required
  • Secure data transfer and data storage
  • Permanent audit log of all files transferred
  • Fast data transfer
  • No limit on file size or number of files
  • Automated email notifications throughout the transaction cycle
  • Helpdesk for all users
  • No software to install and manage.

Getting started is incredibly quick, and easy.




Download (2.5 Mb)


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