Need to send a large file?

We’ve all been there: close to throwing our laptop/router/coffee cup across the room in sheer frustration. Snail’s pace upload speeds, failed email notifications and tapping fingers waiting for a file to download are enough to make you scream, especially when there are at least 10 more important things to be getting on with at the same time.

MX is the answer

Fortunately, there are tools available to end your business’s frustration. MX was created with engineers in mind, but it’s an ideal exchange portal for any business that needs to transfer large files in a fully-encrypted, highly secure environment. Rather than relying on emails (read the risks on using email as a data exchange method here) or FTP (also insecure), MX is the solution for sending large files quickly, securely and easily across your business.

Fast. Secure. Easy to use

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some screenshots from the user experience of the dashboard that highlight MX’s simplicity and efficiency.


The landing page. Once you’ve logged in, you are presented with just 2 hassle-free options: Send Data or Download Data. Nothing hidden in complicated menus. You can also see all your recent transactions, very handy if you need to double-check something.



Sending data is as easy as drag-and-drop. All your contacts are clearly displayed at the top, organised into groups (invaluable if you are exchanging between different companies/branches). Then simply follow the sections from left to right to choose file, recipient(s) and any comments. No limit to your file size or type here. The options provide other great features that email and FTP can’t compete with – placing an expiry on the file you send, a limit on amount of downloads per user and even the ability to notify you when your file’ has been downloaded – giving you even more control and security over your data.



How about downloading files? Of course, as well as having the ability to send files of any size, any type, 700x faster than other data exchange tools, you can easily download data received. All the information you need to know is intelligibly presented to you: who’s sending, when it expires, the file size, and a comment from the sender is displayed too.


So, next time you’re tapping your fingers in file-sending frustration, think about giving MX a try with our 30 day free trial.


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