In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked the lovely ladies of the office to give us their views on what it is like to work at Majenta.


“So what is it like working at Majenta? It’s like one big crazy family.You have the sensible parents, the confused grandparent, batty aunts,  slick uncles, and don’t forget the energetic children.  But it all works well as everyone has something to contribute. The admin office is full on at times, but we do have time to stop and ‘smell the roses’, we listen to one another’s dramas and problems and take time to support in times of need. Everyone has a life outside and a family to organise, and this is appreciated and accepted by the bosses who understand that your personal life doesn’t always conveniently fit around 9-5.”

Alison Sutcliffe, Sales Administrator.


“Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to say thank you to Majenta Solutions for the support you have given me over the 14 years I have worked here. As a woman I have always been supported in everything I have achieved and they have allowed me to grow with them and have played a big part in making me the strong woman I am today. Here’s to all the women that work at Majenta, let’s all feel proud to be who we are today and every day!”

Jemma Hunter, Sales Support Manager.


“Working at Majenta is a pleasure, I have made some life long friends working here which I am so grateful for. I do love my job, working alongside such friendly people makes it so easy to get up and come to work each morning! We class ourselves as a ‘Majenta family’ and I’m proud to be a part of it. 😊”

Chloe Ward, Resource Planner.


“As well as being International Women’s Day, it is also My 4 year anniversary of working for such a great company. Returning to work after 8 years at home with my girls, how things have changed for me in my career. Before children I worked in recruitment and never thought I would find my dream job after taking such a long break but here I am doing exactly that.  Majenta identified my skills early on and I was able to mould my job into what it is today ….. A  job  I love doing ….. Recruiting and helping people into work!  I work in a great environment with friendly and passionate team mates.  Thank you my Majenta Family.”

Lucy Wheeler, In-house Recruitment Specialist


“Working at Majenta really is like working with family, we have our ups and downs, our tears and tantrums, our good times and bad – we are free to speak openly regardless of whether it’s a popular opinion or not and we are given the greatest flexibility when it comes to meeting our own needs and accepted for who we are individually. But by far and above, second to none at Majenta is the emotional support given to me by the incredibly strong women I work with and the kindness they have provided me in dark times really is something special that you would not get everywhere else.”

Tereasa Wilkinson, Management Accountant.


“I’ve been at Majenta for two weeks now! It’s not a long time I know, but in those two weeks I have been made to feel so welcome, and a real part of the team already……and what a team it is! Everyone I’ve met has been so welcoming, very knowledgeable and has a real passion for Majenta – and that is infectious! I can’t wait to tackle what is ahead and settle in even more as part of this wonderful team. “

Amanda Morby, Marketing and Events 


“I joined Majenta just under two years ago and the opportunities I have been given have been far beyond what I had imagined coming out of university into my first ‘real’ job. I have been overwhelmed by the support of both my female and male colleagues and the chances I’ve been given to grow and develop. It’s already been mentioned numerous times throughout this post but working at Majenta really is like being part of a family – this runs throughout the whole company, from the Directors and senior management, through to those who have only been with us for a short while.

As it is International Women’s Day, I’d like to make a huge shoutout to all of the strong, independent and inspiring women in this company, here’s to being outspoken, bold and having a backbone, not just a wishbone! Stay fabulous ladies!”

Robyn Jackson, Marketing Engagement Executive.


“International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate everything that we can achieve as women and what we can achieve TOGETHER. I worry that too much negativity often surrounds “equal opportunities” 

and that rather than focusing on whether we are treated differently to men or whether we are provided with fewer opportunities we should fight for want we want to achieve, support one another as women and be proud.

Some people say to me that I’m lucky in my achievements and to have reached this level, err no! I worked damn hard and continue to work hard! It’s not luck, just hard grafting! Majenta has helped me grow in confidence, and I have always felt respected and equal! But, for me, success is dependent on how we act as women, I have a couple of wonderful C-level female mentors who work for inspiring companies, they have helped me grow in my role over the last year or so, and aspire to be a strong, female leader. I hope that I can mentor the young women starting their careers at Majenta, as by respecting one another and who we are as women, there is no doubt that everyone will respect us. Majenta is such an inspiring company, and the directors encourage everyone to find their purpose within the company; everyone who works here makes a difference to our customers. Having a purpose is vital to feeling part of this fabulous family and feeling like you make a difference is a motivation in life to succeed.”

Rhian Williams-Zielinski, Head of Marketing and Communications.

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