The latest point release is now available for Inventor 2019. This release includes many bug fixes and a number of new features including…

Frame Generator Improvements

  • When inserting a frame the last used Standard is remembered.
  • A default size is now selected for the Family Member, this allows for a preview of the profile without having to select a size
  • Shaded Preview for Frame Members as you place them into the Frame
  • Window Selection within the Change command
  • Preview of Miter, Notch, Trim to Frame & Lengthen/Shorten commands
  • You can now copy properties from existing frame members when using the insert/change member commands

Content Center

  • Content Center Editor Toolbar icons modernised
  • Vault Content Library cache improvements
  • Migration improvements
  • Search Enhancements
  • Find parts and family tables from the graphics window. The context menu for a component now contains an option to find the Content Center in the editor, or open the family table of the Content Center part


  • iLogic Logging. This now allows you to print debug messages to the iLogic Log browser window
  • Rule tracing allows you to visualise when and why a rule is ran


  • Solidworks Mesh data can now be imported
  • Graphical PMI data from STEP 242 can be imported
  • Performance increases


  • Highlight New button allows you to highlight changes between earlier versions of inventor and 2019.1. This highlights new functionality within Inventor by placing a badge on the updated features
  • Value Fields now display the Parameter name within the tooltip. This applies to Dialogue boxes, Property Panels, In-Canvas editing and the Mini Toolbar
  • 3D Annotations are now shown in Shared Views

For a full list of new features please visit the Official “What’s New” page:

For any further assistance please contact the Helpdesk on +44(0)345 241 5111 or alternatively email

For advice on upgrading to 2019 or any of the services we offer, please contact Sharon Newton on +44(0)2476 308517 or alternatively email

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