If you are a supplier to Jaguar Land Rover, you will no doubt be aware of the C3PNG Stabilisation Project that they are rolling out to align external vendors with their own strategic architectures.

Put into simple terms, this means that…

suppliers who currently use CATIA V5R18 to author CAD data at supplier organisation site(s) to support JLR CAD delivery, will need to upgrade to V5R26 SP5 HF24. The planned switch over from V5R18 to V5R26 is currently being organised, beyond the confirmed date V5R18 will NOT be supported at JLR. 


Why has Jaguar Land Rover launched this project?

The current JLR C3PNG environment is now out incompatible with Key JLR IT Modernisation Projects, such as Windows 10. 

JLR have also chosen to run this project as it will provide benefits not just to them, but also to you as their supplier;

  • Improved supplier and partner collaboration
  • Bring Teamcenter and CATIA into vendor support
  • Remove the need for Suppliers to maintain legacy systems and hardware to support JLR
  • Expose improved functional capability due to implementing newer systems 


What do I need to do as a Jaguar Land Rover Supplier?

In order to assist JLR Suppliers with the transition to V5R26, Majenta have put together a fixed-cost package. This package has been built with JLR suppliers in mind to ensure that you are set up and ready to work with JLR following the switchover.

The CATIA V5R26 SP5 HF24 Installation Package from Majenta.

  • Pre-deployment call to validate requirements and customer prerequisites. 
  • 1-5 machines. Up to 4 hrs remote TeamViewer session.
  • 5-10 machines. Up to 8 hrs remote TeamViewer session.
  • 10+ machines. Please contact Majenta for specific information.
  • Option for on-site service
  • Option to include configuration of full OEM Environment.
What now?

To find out more about the Jaguar Land Rover C3PNG Stabilisation Project and how this will affect you as their supplier, or to get started with your own installation package, get in touch with the team on 02476308500 or send an email to hello@majentasolutions.com.


PLEASE NOTE: The JLR C3PNG Stabilisation Project should not be confused with JLR’s main strategy to migrate all vehicle programs to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which is currently underway. If you require information about the Jaguar Land Rover 3DEXPERIENCE Programme, here are some useful links:

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