BIM is helping companies move into the digital space.

As the market changes, Channel Manager for Kohler Mira, Naomi Dennis recognises the benefits of BIM to help them become more integrated as a business, adapting to the market as it continues to change. The Majenta and BIMobject event brought people from all industries together to discuss those benefits. Hear how BIM can help across all areas of their business.


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Who are Kohler Mira?

“Kohler Mira is owned by Kohler Co. A global manufacturer of kitchen, bar, hospitality, engines etc.  Kohler are all around our 3 product brands, Kohler UK, Mira Showers and Rada Controls – more of our commercial arm.”


What challenges are you facing in 2019?

“As the market changes, we need to make sure we’re listening to our customers.”

Naomi’s role is all about making sure Kohler bring products right for their customers, that they meet their needs and are changing and adapting to the market as it continues to change

“This is where BIM fits in so well for Kohler. It’s about making sure we’re challenging, living on the leading edge and doing things differently. For us it’s about moving into the digital space how can we become more integrated as a business so we’re meeting the needs of our customers.”

What do you hope to gain from the Majenta and BIMobject conference?

“We’re here to learn more about BIM.  Kohler are at the start of their BIM journey. There is so much we can do with it. For Kohler Mira, it’s about how they can best maximise BIM. How can they learn from it, and learn from the analytics? How can Kohler learn from a sales perspective, and how to feed it into new product development? Kohler is always innovating new products, so is there a way we can learn, based on what we hear from downloads, what people out there are using?”


What encouraged you to attend the Majenta and BIMobject UK Conference?

“For us its all about making sure our end users can find us when and where they need us and BIMobject gives us that platform, to enable that. It also gives Kohler the opportunity to reach a whole spectrum of end-users we’ve never been able to before. Making sure the Mira brand is out there is really important to us.”



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