Government projects have utilised BIM to manage their projects more successfully.


Neil Doherty, Chief Engineer at JLG Industries, was drawn to the Majenta and BIMobject event to hear how local Government and other sectors had benefitted from using BIM on their projects. A product-focused company, BIM-enabled JLG Industries to move to a digital product, saving valuable time and money.  Listen to what Neil has to say about how BIM changed how they work for the better.


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What is your role at JLG Industries?

Neil is the MPD for product development and also responsible for BIM deployment. How JLG deploy a BIM strategy for their construction customers and how they provide data and information for their planning and needs on-site.


What challenges are you facing in 2019?

“Cultural! JLG are very much a Product focused business, to switch that to a digital product to give out the information is challenging. There are challenges in the business to change people’s mindset around this new information and the information we get from it.”


What is your plan to overcome that challenge?

“To show the benefits of BIM. We’re working with a number of customers, and we want to bring their stories back to our businesses. Telling our customers that this technology has helped this business – in this situation. Using this has saved companies time, money and effort. Knowing which machine they need to send in advance, saves people time, effort and money. If they can do that planning up front it saves everyone so much heart ache and stops projects from being late. We’re constantly bringing the stories back to the business to educate people.”

How does working with rental companies affect your BIM strategy?

“It is a little bit difficult. The data we get from BIMobject isn’t the data we want.  We’re not selling machinery to architects, its how we pass that data on to our rental products. For example, this company is looking for this machinery in this area. That’s a challenge and getting the rental companies to see the benefit. They’re very traditional in certain areas, we have a few that are really forward-thinking and we’re working with them to provide models for them to put on their website so they can provide for their own customers.”

What encouraged you to attend the Majenta and BIMobject UK Conference?

“I like to attend these events as you always hear little snippets that are invaluable. It’s good to listen to Alex Lubbock for example from Government. The stuff the UK government is doing is fascinating in terms of operational costs. We make machines to help maintain buildings, traditionally that is what we’ve made, so do we need to make something different? It’s really interesting.”


How have you found working with Majenta?

“Majenta has helped us through a learning curve. They’ve helped us get all our products on BIMobject. We’re starting to see good data coming back, and they helped us get over hurdles as a traditional product manufacturer. I’m a Mechanical Product Designer, and this whole thing is new to me, Majenta has helped bring this whole thing together.”


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