The Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Integration Team, Powered by Majenta Solutions hosted the Annual Supplier Integration Strategy Event at the British Motor Museum, supported by Dassault Systèmes. We took the opportunity of having such influential leading industry experts and interviewed them to continue our Leadership Insight Series.

We spoke to Dave Myatt, Vice President of Engineering from GSM Automotive about the challenges GSM faced in 2018 and their key focus and objectives for 2019.

Can you tell us about GSM Automotive?

  • GSM Automotive is a manufacturer for Automotive parts within the UK
  • Work with various OEMs such as JLR

Are GSM a global company?

  • GSM has sites in the UK as well as a few sites in Poland and Mexico

What is your role within GSM?

  • Lead the Product Engineering Teams

What was your main challenge in 2018?

  • Business Diversification
  • Increasing our customer base

What is your objective for 2019?

  • Going further and expanding our customer base
  • Adjusting to shifts in the automotive industry such as trying to minimise diesel business and diversify.

What do you think it takes to be agile?

“We are small and when you’ve been small, agile comes very naturally.”

  • It’s a challenge to stay agile as companies grow in size

What are you most excited for in 2019?

  • Changes throughout the automotive industry such as Autonomous Vehicles
  • Exploring where GSM can fit within these changing markets
  • Looking at the new age of Driver Experience

How do you find working with Majenta?

” I find Majenta a good partner. I have no issues with them. We’re always looking for suppliers that you can rely on, trust and you can get on the end of the phone and they can support you. So far, the work we’ve had with Majenta has been positive.”

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