The Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Integration Team, Powered by Majenta Solutions hosted the Annual Supplier Integration Strategy Event at the British Motor Museum, supported by Dassault Systèmes. We took the opportunity of having such influential leading industry experts and interviewed them to continue our Leadership Insight Series.

David Smith is the IT Manager for Leoni Wiring Systems, a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries. In the video below, David discusses the current challenges he is facing within the industry and the solutions that are being implemented.

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What is the main challenge you’re currently facing?
  • IT Compliance, systems and network access as well as the classification of information.
What is driving the challenge for compliance?
  • Customers requirements that are being filtered down to the supply chain
  • Customers are wanting total integrity of the data and system that their information is being stored on
What objective are you striving to achieve this year?
  • Supporting our engineering community
  • Improving the connectivity, collaboration and integration between internal and external infrastructure teams
What technology trends are you most excited for?
  • As Leoni is a global company, our technology is filtered down from the HQ in Germany
  • The main tech change we will be seeing this year is moving from our current storage solution to a new data centre
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