The Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Integration Team, Powered by Majenta Solutions hosted the Annual Supplier Integration Strategy Event at the British Motor Museum, supported by Dassault Systèmes. We took the opportunity of having such influential leading industry experts and interviewed them to continue our Leadership Insight Series.

Ewan McConnell is the Owner and Executive Chairman for Magor Designs, a 55 strong team of design, precision, electrical and automation engineers and toolmakers based in South Wales, delivering value throughout the Automotive and Robotics industries,

Can you tell us about your role?
  • Owner and Executive Chairman
  • Help evolve the strategy and support the leadership and management in moving the business forward
What’s your main business objective for 2018?
  • To continue to grow and develop the business, making sure we continue to offer value solutions to our client base
  • To develop and evolve our people and their technical skills and knowledge
  • Continue to support the evolving needs of our clients
What is your main challenge in reaching your objectives?
  • Making sure you have the right pool of talent within your business and you continue to train and develop them as well as recruiting people who can add incremental skills
  • The other challenge is the speed at which change is happening
How do you keep up with the speed of change?
  • Supplier events are key in making sure yo’re on the pulse of what your clients want and need
  • Keeping up to date with general industry development
With the advancement of Ai, how important is it for Magor to up-skill?
  1. Yes, up-skilling is absolutely critical
  2. The core of whqat we do is in Automation so our next step will be Ai. Ai is still around the corner for us but we know it’s coming

“What is almost Star-Trek / Star Wars technology today will ne an integral part of what we do in the next 5-10years.”

Do you have a plan for Ai adoption?
  • We are well supported in understanding where the next generation of technology is coming from and how we can get involved
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