“If you want to come up with that product that is capable of being very good in many different conditions, doing it traditionally would be phenomenally time consuming, phenomenally expensive, and the maturity when it reaches the market could be compromised because you cannot cover every single possible scenario.”  

At a special Dassault Systèmes event, ‘FT Digital Dialogue session on automotive manufacturing post-COVID’, Jose Urruchi-Garcia, Head of Digital Engineering Capability at Jaguar Land Rover spoke about the acceleration of digitalisation in the automotive industry. Cost and timescales are not the only drivers of digitalisation, which has been gathering pace in the industry for the last ten years. Another major advantage of digitalisation is the development of better products within normal timescales. 

Product development in the automotive industry has historically involved professionals working in silos, where the approaches will differ between (for example) mechanical engineers and software engineers working separately towards the same problem. Breaking down these silos with digitalisation is allowing OEMs and suppliers to produce better products and consumer experiences by aligning ways of working towards that end goal.  

Jaguar Land Rover have made successful use of digitalisation with 3DEXPERIENCE by Dassault Systèmes, which has played a key role in the success of the New Land Rover Defender, the company’s most versatile product ever brought to market.  

In this fiveminute compilation of roundtable highlights, you can hear more of Jose Urruchi-Garcia’s insights on the future of carmaking, and how digital tools allow Jaguar Land Rover to deliver a mature product in normal timescales.  

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How could 3DEXPERIENCE improve your relationship with automotive OEMs?

You are invited to a Majenta-run ‘Day in the Life’ session for a tailored walkthrough of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s digital engineering capability for working with Jaguar Land RoverNo matter how large or small your supplier organisation, aligning with OEM digital strategies and tools is a reliable way to improve your own operations and get sourced on more prestigious projects. 

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