In the second of Majenta Solutions’ ‘Leading Industry Insight’ Series, we take the time to gain an insight from our very own director, Manish Amlani.

We discuss the challenges faced in 2016 and how to remain focused and strategic moving into 2017, not only for Majenta Solutions but throughout the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.

The Leading Industry Insight Series focuses on delivering knowledge, from the industry’s most respected people to you. Listen to how the world is developing, the challenges that we face and the solutions we offer.


2016 for Majenta Solutions

What you think is going to be our organisation’s biggest challenge can be easily overcome with support from partners and your own team. Often the most challenging part of moving forward is deciding what to give up, in this instance it is vital to look after your customers whilst focusing on your business goals.

Manish discusses our challenges, how we moved forward and what it means for our customers.


Brexit and the current climate: Coping with change

2016 has certainly provided some surprises and has shaken up the world, let alone the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. Everyone has their own views and opinions but what this year has shown is that people have a desire for change. Change presents risks and challenges but also opportunities, how you come out of 2016 is dependent on your mindset.

Manish shares his views on the impact of Brexit on Majenta Solutions, our customers and the Manufacturing & Engineering sectors as a whole.


Challenges faced by SMEs and OEMs

At Majenta Solutions we serve SME and OEM customers, both are faced with the similar challenges of the current climate, but how do these challenges differ? What is the impact of these challenges and what can both SMEs and OEMs do to remain strategic and continue to grow in challenging times.

Manish discusses these different challenges and shares his advice for both SMEs and OEMs on what they need to do as organisations to move with the times, rise from the crowds and make the most of opportunities.


2017 Moving forward: Adapting business models and strategic plans

In order to stay at the forefront of their industry it is vital that organisations continually evaluate and adapt their business models and strategic plans. We must all stay relevant, remain focused on our market, embrace change and invest in developing our people.

Manish shares his advice for customers on how to continually adapt business models, exploring the importance of partnering well, and evaluating the solutions and services that are offered to customers.

Learn more about Majenta Solutions, the services and solutions that we offer.

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