At our Raising your Game event this March 2018 at Silverstone, we interviewed some leading industry experts around their business challenges, objectives and how important it is for customers to remain relevant. As part of Value Solutions at Dassault Systèmes, Oscar helps CEOs around the world to transform and grow their businesses, supporting the development of their Key Partners. Since 1998, Oscar has been lecturing at numerous Business Schools including IQS School of Management, ESADE Business School and EUNCET. He has a passion for lecturing in Strategy and Sales to motivate MBA Students and Executives towards being revenue-driving forces in their careers. We were keen to hear from Oscar about how companies can remain relevant and what they need to focus on when developing their growth strategy.

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Key quotes from Oscar:


Remaining relevant :

“For any company it is really important to realise how fast the world is going, consumers are consuming in a very different way. So, perhaps the way that we were delivering these products and services 10 years ago, is very different to how we are delivering them today, and how we will have to deliver these products and services tomorrow.”

“To become relevant and to be relevant in the future companies really need to dig deep and review their value system to deliver the value that customers expect to receive in the future. Doing this makes life complicated for many companies. If you think about the B2B – B2C equation, last year for B2C companies was the track record for breakdown production because the complexity of the products and services that the customer expects and the diversity of these products.”

“The companies that really understand the value that they have to deliver and are able to connect all the dots in the value chain, will be able to react to the market’s needs and changes.”

Developing your strategy:

“It may be obvious, but the one word to remember is ‘FOCUS’ try and focus on doing 2 or 3 things really well and align all your processes, departments, effort and attention to this focus. Aim to be best in class for the things we try to do really well.”

Oscar’s presentation video will be released soon, in the meantime, a huge thank you to Oscar for taking the time to not only present to our customers but also be quizzed by PR Manager, Rhian!

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