Low Carbon Vehicle Solution

  • Launching at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event September 2017
  • Majenta Solutions have designed a Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review, which will be invaluable for Automotive manufacturers to meet low carbon requirements.
  • The Majenta Solutions Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Project Review focuses on three key project elements: Workflows, Data Usability and Supply Chain and can be undertaken at any point during the project’s lifecycle.
  • With 20 years of supply chain integration experience in the Automotive sector including Ford, JLR and Nissan, we are the leader in OEM supplier integration.
  • We are supporting the Automotive sector to embrace digital manufacturing, adopt advancing technologies and Create Better with Majenta Solutions.

At Majenta Solutions, we have developed a full solution for our Automotive customers to not only cope with the accelerated Government plans for Transport Carbon Reduction, but to capitalise on opportunities produced by the markets of the future.

The Majenta Solutions Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review aims to understand our customers’ current circumstances and the main challenges when faced with Low Carbon Vehicle demands. It can also support the many innovative startups who are focusing purely on low carbon vehicles and the technologies that drive this evolution. Our supply chain integration consultancy has benefitted thousands of companies around the globe; with our vast experience working with Automotive supply chains, we can support both established OEMs and new niche suppliers.

Developing and executing low carbon design and digital manufacturing projects can be challenging, especially for large OEMs. Workflows, data usability, and supply chain integration need to work in unison for a project to be successful. Our Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review focuses on these three key project elements and can be undertaken at any point during the project’s lifecycle.
An efficient workflow will not only allow manufacturers to meet their objectives but provides a platform to work with OEMs and their supply chain more effectively, reducing costs and solving issues early in the design and manufacturing process.

The integrity and efficiency of data within a workflow – the format, quality and how it is used internally and shared externally – is vital to any business. Majenta Solutions have unrivalled expertise in data readiness and working with global OEMs to achieve interoperability.

One of the biggest challenges within the Automotive supply chain is that OEMs and suppliers work on the same framework. The Low Carbon Vehicle Project Review will utilise Majenta Solutions’ onboarding experience, the process of which we look after for large OEMs throughout the Automotive sector.

Find out More: https://www.majentasolutions.com/low-carbon-vehicle-project-review/

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