• Majenta Solutions’ experience within manufacturing and construction enables our experts to create correctly structured BIM objects for our customers.
  • Quality BIM objects are essential for digital construction, in order for them to be integrated within the BIM workflow.
  • We can create digital representations of our customers’ products, enabling their product ranges to be available on the BIMobject® Cloud.
  • This partnership will support organisations with their BIM projects by providing accessible BIM objects; ready to integrate into their workflow.

We have created a strategic partnership with BIMobject®, enabling us to create BIM objects for our customers, which can then be hosted on the BIMobject® Cloud, a digital platform, where BIM files (or objects) are stored. The BIMobject Cloud allows members of a BIM project to download BIM files from brands, to enable full digital builds. Architects and designers rely on manufacturers to create BIM objects that can easily be integrated into their 3D models and plans. For some manufacturers this isn’t possible due to resource or lack of BIM knowledge. This is where Majenta Solutions can support. We create digital representations of our customers’ product ranges, enabling them to be BIM ready and available on demand from the BIMobject® Cloud. This creates an extensive opportunity for these organisations, whose products are then available to all BIM professionals free of charge utilising BIMobject®.

Discussing the partnership with BIMobject®, James Smith Product Manager at Majenta Solutions, said “We are pleased to announce our partnership with BIMobject®, as it allows us to provide further business advance to our new and existing customer base, offering a complete end to end solution for building product manufacturers. It is an exciting opportunity for Majenta Solutions to be working with the market leader in BIM object hosting.”

BIMobject® are supporting the construction industry to embrace and fully utilise BIM, by providing accessible BIM files to everyone working within the BIM environment. With Majenta Solutions supporting manufacturers, we are both working towards BIM being fully adopted as we strive towards BIM Level 3.

“We are delighted to welcome Majenta Solutions into our partner network and look forward to working together in the development, delivery and support of the rapidly increasing adoption of BIMobject® solutions in the UK market” – says David Jellings, Managing Director at BIMobject® UK.

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Majenta Solutions BIM division

About BIMobject®

BIMobject® Corporation, acknowledged by investors with a Global Red Herring 100 award, and a public company on Nasdaq Stockholm First North: ticker BIM. BIMobject® is a game changer for the construction industry worldwide with its cloud based digital content management system for BIM objects.

BIMobject as a disruptive technology corporation is at the forefront of the digitalisation of building products and materials, enabling the information to be turned into know-how earlier in the BIM processes. The BIMobject Cloud is a digital platform, where BIM professionals can reach and download BIM files from brands, from both Europe and US.  This will enable industrialisation of the construction industry and also have a huge impact on design, product selection, constructability, waste, energy, cost, quality and logistics.

Our unique solutions for Building Product Manufacturers provide development, hosting, maintenance, syndication and publication of the digital replicas of the manufacturers’ products – BIM objects. The marketing and pre-sales services associated with the BIMobject Cloud are channeled and integrated, through Apps, into CAD/BIM applications to create a business-to-business communication across the globe.

Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into BIM processes enabling their products to be selected and generate a real improvement in sales.

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