In the early days of development, we designed MX with engineers in mind, supporting the data transfer of large CAD files. Over time, it’s also become an essential transfer tool for many businesses in a whole range of industries. Today, there are over 2,000 businesses using MX as their trusted data exchange solution.

More and more businesses are seeking a credible, reliable and affordable option for exchanging data. Everyday MX helps manufacturers, designers, marketers, and creators exchange data safely, quickly and easily.

MX is an effective solution for your file transfer needs, no matter what industry your business is in.

Watch the video below to learn how MX can improve the way your organisation sends valuable data.


Automotive OEMs rely on MX to connect to their many suppliers. With MX, manufacturers can create separate distribution networks so files can be effortlessly sent to different suppliers, whether internal or external. The automotive industry needs secure and speedy solutions to connect their supply-chain in the most effective way. Because the industry is known for being at the forefront of technology integration, MX was built to be easy-to-use to use and blazing fast, creating a data exchange platform that’s a breeze to use.

Design companies often need to work with numerous versions of large files. With MX, you can distribute versioned data with full traceability, so you can work with multiple versions over a longer period of time, while remaining in control of the changes. Work on a project-by-project basis? MX allows you to have full control of individual projects, no matter how large the files are. Design companies often need to transfer 100GB filers and more. There are absolutely no file size limits on MX, so you can transfer all the files you need, whenever and wherever.

MX also makes it easy for media and PR agencies to send all types of data between teams and to clients. With MX, you can exchange all file types, even complex folders, helping you complete tasks and projects as efficiently as possible. No need to use more than one data exchange tool, and no need to worry about the security of your file transfer either. While email is ideal for conversation, they’re not the right place for sending large RAW images, videos or customer work.

Thanks to the range of collaboration tools MX provides, sending and amending files between manufacturer and supplier couldn’t be easier. Architectural companies greatly benefit from this ability to collaborate on projects. Whether it’s to send files to suppliers, teams in-house or clients, MX is the perfect platform for planning a large building project. Make your business’s decision-making quicker, planning more efficient, and become more cost-effective.

It doesn’t matter which industry your business is in: if you need to distribute but protect business-critical files, let’s discuss how our data exchange platform can work for you.

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