Majenta Solutions decide on supporting two great charities that have helped support members of the Majenta Solutions team, and our partners, when they’ve needed it most.

Georgie’s Gift and Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been nominated by staff at Majenta Solutions.




At times, we could all do with some extra help. Whether it’s caring for children, parents, animals or simply need someone to talk to, charities provide the support we need, when we need it most.

Majenta Solutions decided to put it to their staff as to which Charity we should make a donation to this festive season.

Having received several nominations, two charities have been chosen. There’s an amazing affiliation between our staff nominations and the charities we will be supporting. Here’s their story…

Georgie’s Gift by Keira Woodier

At 17 months old my younger cousin Shannon started to become unwell. At first it was thought to be a general bug until a rash appeared that did not fade when being tested with the well-known “glass test”.
Within a few minutes of completing the glass test the rash had completely spread over her body and Shannon became very drowsy and unresponsive.

After being rushed to the hospital and immediately put into intensive care for treatment we were told to expect the worst. It was confirmed that Shannon had meningitis however it was, in fact, Meningococcal Septicaemia. A life-threatening blood poisoning form of meningitis and can result in leaving permanent damage to the brain or nerves.

Whilst in intensive care Shannon was transported to Birmingham children’s hospital to continue her fight. After spending several months in hospital after her body rejecting the initial treatment Shannon was finally clear and it was pronounced that no lasting affects could be found (Truly a miracle after how severe her case was)

Shannon is now 18 years old and lives a healthy, happy and normal life like any other 18-year-old girl – we are all so very lucky and grateful to all the staff and hospitals involved in the care they provided and arrange or are involved with some form of fundraiser every year to try and help to raise funds.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone – A colleague of Shannons Dad has also been in a very similar situation when his daughter caught the same form of meningitis.

At 23 months Georgie fell ill with Meningococcal Septicaemia and within days, unfortunately, lost her battle resting her eyes to sleep peacefully – absolutely heart breaking.

The charity has been set up to raise funds to support with making awareness to others of the signs and symptoms and promoting vaccinations to cover this condition.

When both Shannon & Georgie were younger a vaccination was only covered for meningitis however since having my little boy last year not only do they now provide vaccinations for meningitis they also specifically provide a vaccination for the septicemia form too.

Funds that have also been raised are also put towards supporting families of those that have lost children, helping costs with Prosthetic limbs through illness and helping to pay towards supporting children and families that have been left with life-changing effects; such as brain damage, hearing aids etc …

Georgie’s gift is truly an inspiration charity ran by Georgie’s parents hoping to raise awareness try to and help other parents have a different outcome to theirs.


Learn more about Georgie’s Gift


Birmingham Children’s Hospital by Kathryn Youdan

This hospital has been close to my heart since my daughter was born 3 years ago. But more so now since my 6-year niece was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma back at the beginning of July (the week I started with Majenta).

I would like the money donated to a specific ward at the hospital which is ward 15. This is the cancer ward which treats children, and teenagers. I am hoping this will give them a little bit more resource money for the likes of books entertainment and keep up the good work they are doing there supporting all families fully including ours. They involved the family as a whole including their brothers and sisters.


Take a look around Ward 15 at Birmingham Children’s Hospital


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