It’s an exciting time for future of electric autonomous vehicles. But the road ahead includes both challenges and opportunities. If companies want to be part of it, and achieve a greater competitive advantage, they must optimize their product development processes and embrace this brave new digital world.

The road to successful product success in the automotive industry starts by using configuration management tools. Top performing companies have shown that implementing a PLM tool, to maintain BOM accuracy, manage change and improve the configuration and requirements process, have helped them gain an advantage over their competitors.

Rising performance and quality expectation for ground transportation has pushed manufacturers to increase the level of complexity and testing in their products. Compounding the matter is increased global competition forcing the cost of optimisation and short delivery schedules. In addition, automotive manufacturers rely on a large network of suppliers and partners to bring a product to market today. In addition, the concerns only increase the probability of errors. To prevent a scenario of launch delays or expensive rework, companies use configuration management to establish consistency with requirements, ensure the accuracy of meeting targets and maintain performance throughout a product’s entire lifecycle. For many, configuration management is largely a manual, handwritten process.


  • The top two drivers to improve product development in automotive are meeting product launch dates and customised, complex products.
  • Increased component counts have pushed the importance of BOM accuracy and revision control to the forefront for automotive companies.
  • Leaders in the industry have automated their change management process and incorporated multiple forms of product data.
  • Automotive leaders turn to centralised data management and PLM platforms such as the 3DXPERIENCE as the system of record to support configuration management processes.

Discover more about what leaders in the automotive industry are doing to optimise their product development processes and the resulting benefits by reading the full report.

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