At our Raising your Game event at Silverstone on the 8th March 2018 we presented experts from Majenta Solutions, Dassault Systemes and inspiring, well-valued industry leaders to share experiences and knowledge to help the guests remain relevant and be ahead of the competition throughout 2018.

Sameer Savani, Head of Innovation and Engineering for ADS Group (Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space) discussed the adoption of digital capabilities in the Aerospace Supply Chain. Watch Sameer’s presentation below to find out more about the ADS Group, Digitalisation across the Aerospace sector and Industry 4.0…

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Key insights from Sameer:


Industry 4.0 goes beyond technology:

  • Systems and Networks: Security and Resilience, Communication Network, Architecture and Integration, ICT Services.
  • Business and Strategy: New Business Models, Risk Management, Business Cases and Finance, Business Transformation
  • Skills and Competencies: Skills and Training, Digital Mindset and Culture, Attractiveness to Talent

“Digitalisation is not a spectator sport, innovation is definitely a contact sport”

Trends in Capability:

  • Becoming increasingly affordable and accessible
  • Connectivity is creating new business models
  • Simulation is becoming increasingly proficient
  • Larger companies are doing this for themselves
  • Data is growing bigger… Faster

What are the barriers to digital adoption?

  • Time
  • Ability to Invest
  • Not knowing where it fits
  • Awareness
  • Legacy
  • Good practice left in silos

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry 4.0 doesn’t come in a box; different solutions will suit different businesses
  • Transformation needs to be business-led and value-centric
  • ‘Digital’ is an enabler to business strategy, technology is only part of the answer



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