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John previously spent 17 years working for Rolls-Royce plc. In that time he was Chief Engineer on several GT projects, Programme Director for Marine Engines Total Care and Head of Advanced Engineering for Industrial & Marine. Following Rolls-Royce, John worked for seven years for Intelligent Energy, a fuel cells start-up business, as Director of Engineering and Customer Services. He is presently acting as Chief Technical Officer for Assystem Energy & Infrastructure Ltd where his focus is on Nuclear Governance, Systems Engineering and supporting business growth through digitalisation.

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Who are Assystem? 

International and independent engineering company

  • 3 lines of services: Project management & Engineering, Digital & Performance, Security & Safety
  • Employees: 5000 worldwide, 2,500 nuclear experts worldwide
  • Revenue: €400 million consolidated
  • Headquarters: Paris, France, with offices in 13 countries

Nuclear is one of the few technologies that can provide a low carbon, large scale, predictable supply of electricity.

UK Nuclear Scene:

New product evolution occurs every 30/40 or 50 years, progression is far slower than that of industries such as Automotive and Aerospace.

1. Existing Fleet – Entered service 70s/80s:

  • Extend the safe and economic life of the existing AGRs for 10yrs
  • Keep Sizewell in safe and economic operation for 40+yrs
  • An asset management and sustaining engineering challenge

2. Nuclear New Build – Will enter services 2020s:

  • Hinkley Point C- complete build and commissioning inside budget and schedule
  • Horizon and Nugen- complete GDA and FID and start construction

Huge technical, regulatory and supply chain complexity.

Need to build investor and operator confidence.

3. Waste Management & Decom:

  • Safety is paramount
  • Modernise Sellafield’s, while keeping the site operational.
  • Prepare for 50year care and maintenance phase.

4. The Next Generation:

  • Small Modular Reactors
  • Fusion

Drivers of digitalisation throughout the nuclear sector:

What we need to do:

  • Maintain safety and availability.
  • Reduce cost and time to build
  • Build investor confidence

We can do this by:

  • Integrating design, DfM/DfA, certification, supply chain management and construction aspects.
  • Removing knowledge silos- ‘one source of the truth’.
  • Improving knowledge of plant performance- digital twins etc.
  • Improving safety/cert’n case development
  • Knowledge management- support generations of staff.
  • Flexible, robust system & data architecture, with the ability to evolve over 20yrs

Implementing the change with Majenta Solutions:

Majenta is a key partner, delivering:

  • Process mapping and optimisation
  • Customisation (minimal amounts)
  • Developing training material
  • Training our trainers
  • Liaison with Dassault
  • Sharing the ‘launch customer experience’ with us!

Read the full Assystem Deployment Case Study.


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