As the construction industry matures and design teams implement their own BIM protocols, manufacturers are being pushed to digitise their way of working too. By digitising your manufacturing data through the creation of a BIM object library, you are making your products readily available for specifiers to involve in their process. So, how else does BIMobject hosting enable greater exposure for manufacturers products?


Your content becomes available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

By using an online product library, your products can be placed into anyone’s project, at any time, in any location across the globe. Hosting your content on the BIMobject Platform enables you to expose your products to  1.1million registered users. These are users who are actively downloading and incorporating manufacturers content into their projects.


BIM compliant products are becoming more and more in demand.

In April 2016, BIM was made mandatory for all publicly funded projects by the UK Government. Because of this, any product used within these projects must be fairly procured, and this is what gave birth to BIM object hosting platforms. By embracing the transition to digital construction and providing accessible, downloadable content in multiple formats, your products are automatically becoming more desirable to prospects.

As the product data is more flexible, you may also consider creating specific data sets in accordance with different international standards. Doing this widens your reach and makes your products more revealing to target audiences who are required to use these standards.


Shorten your sales cycle by prequalifying leads.

Because you are making your data available to anyone, anywhere at any time, specifiers are now interacting with your content earlier in their project process, due to being able to work with a digital representation as opposed to having to later rely on the physical product. Because of this, along with the analytical data that the platform provides, you can identify sales opportunities earlier in the cycle.


Majenta are BIMobjects only UK partner and have a wealth of knowledge and experience both creating and exposing manufacturers content.

Our services include:

BIM Object Content Creation

BIM Object Creation Training

BIM Object Hosting

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