What’s important to you when you need to send files to a colleague, supplier or client? Is it the security of the data transfer? How easy the service is to use? Is it how quickly it takes to send?

We take all these questions seriously at MX. The key to successful file sharing within businesses relies upon these three fundamental principles: security, simplicity and productivity. We created our professional data exchange solution, MX, to make sending files safer, easier and more productive to all of our users. Find out how:

Security – MX puts the security of your file transfer and the safety of your business first. Ultra-encryption safeguards your data throughout the transfer, your IP is protected, and the transaction is kept within a secure closed network. Know exactly when and where your files are and who has access with a permanent history of all activity recorded and full visibility of employees – you can even create user-level settings. Our software ensures that you’re in full control of your files, and your users, at all times.

Simplicity – We’ve also made sure that MX is simple to use, right from the start. No training or installation required – all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser to seamlessly send and receive files. With no limit on file size or type, and automatic file compression, you don’t need any fancy software to prime your data for transfer either, making MX is the ideal platform for sending large files. And if you do have any issues, our UK based support team are just a click away.

Speed – MX cuts out unnecessary steps and software to simplify your company workflow and maximise productivity. Boasting speeds of 700x faster than our competitors, MX makes light work of exchanging large data, no matter what their file type. Collaborating on projects has never been easier too. Share files with colleagues and external users and add messages to make business decisions more quickly. You can also manage users within companies and groups to organise both your day-to-day operations and individual projects with ease.




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