It has become a tradition for Majenta to support a charity nominated by staff members at Christmas and this year is no exception. The £1,210 raised at the Majenta Christmas Party last Friday (7th of December)  will go to an organisation called ‘The Pioneer School’ as nominated by our Solutions Administrator, Alison Sutcliffe. The Pioneer School is a purpose built school in Basildon for children with severe disabilities, who are unable to live independently and go to a mainstream school, as they require constant care.

Alison’s daughter, Amy, is currently working as a Learning Support Assistant and as a result, they are very much aware of the difference that this school makes into the lives of these children.



The school’s aim is to provide:
  • Entitlement – all children are entitled to equality of opportunity and high quality learning experiences
  • Empowerment – all children are people first and have a basic human need for realising they self-worth and raising self esteem
  • Enablement – all children have potential to learn from quality experiences

The money will be well spent, as it will be used to purchase specialist equipment to suit the  children, e.g. swings for wheelchairs, learning or sensory materials or days out.

If you also wish to help these children to have a happy and healthy life or want to learn more about The Pioneer School, please visit:

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