Moving to a cloud platform is a key enabler of digital transformation success. Numerous organisations are now moving to cloud-based platforms to remove IT constraints and embrace a unified experience platform.

The benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Instant access and less down time enable faster time to market.
  • Always on platforms allow mobile access, anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Flexibility to adjust the project scope along the implementation journey. A cloud-based platform is scalable, meaning that you can add users and functionalities as and when required.
  • All users are always working on the latest version of the software and can benefit from the updated features and functionalities immediately with automatic updates.
  • Increased collaboration can be achieved using a cloud-based system, both internally throughout different departments as well as externally with partners and even customers. This enables you to create your own ecosystem and ‘hub’ for know-how and expertise.
  • Security on the cloud seems to be a doubt for most organisations looking to move to the cloud. This should no longer be the case as security on the cloud is more secure and advanced than that of traditional IT systems.
  • Loss prevention is another advantage of moving to the cloud. If you are not using a cloud-based server, all your information is tied to the computers that it is stored on, this can easily be penetrated by various computer viruses and malware, meaning that you are at high risk of losing the information that you store locally. By moving to a cloud-based server, you can ensure that your information remains safe and secure.
  • Disaster Recovery is a much quicker and straight forward process when working within a cloud platform.

To discover more about the key benefits of cloud computing and why it is essential for the survival of businesses during this digital shift in the industry, download the whitepaper… or to find out more about the power of The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Solution, get in touch with the team at

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