With increased demand from clients and contractors for asset information models, we often get asked the question, ‘who should be checking the information is correct?’

Ultimately is it the responsibility of the Project Information Manager to check, validate and approve the project information models. This process runs throughout the design and construction of a new building, or infrastructure project. There should also be a task team of Information Managers completing preliminary checks before issuing their information via the common data environment.


Whose responsibility is it to appoint an Information Manager?

Where projects are contractor-led it is generally accepted that the Main Contractor takes on this role (or they appoint someone to assist with this task). However, where a project is design team led before the main contractor is appointed, there is more ambiguity about who will carry out this role.

In many cases, the best approach may be for the Information Manager to be appointed by the client. This approach, however, is rarely undertaken due to the client’s lack of understanding of the BIM process.


Why is this role so important?

  • Regularly carrying out checks during design and construction helps make sure that models are being developed in-line with the client’s requirements.
  • Identifying issues as early as possible during these stages is far more cost-effective than addressing issues further downstream.
  • Keeping on top of these checks can help prevent detrimental results on project outcomes. It can also prevent having to try and retrospectively fix issues at handover.


Not sure where to start? Majenta can help…

At Majenta, we support a large number of projects for many of the UK’s leading contractors and consultants with Information Management and Coordination services.

If you have a project that requires an asset information model that requires some guidance on how this is achieved, please get in touch with our team of consultants and information managers today on 02476308500 or send an email to hello@majentasolutions.com

To find out more about our service offering please visit our Information Management webpage.



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