Project Value

Helping Icons of Denmark transition to digital

Majenta support London based Danish furniture company, Icons of Denmark with BIM Content Creation, BIM Object Hosting and full implementation of the BIMobject Platform.

Business Challenges

  • Meet the demand from their customers for BIM compliant objects
  • Provide customers with easy access to accurate BIM files
  • To evolve their digital presence

The journey between Icons of Denmark and Majenta began early in 2018 when Icons approached Majenta following an increased demand for BIM compliant objects.

The Majenta Solution

  • Creation of BIM Compliant Objects
  • Set up and Implementation of the BIMobject Platform

Majenta helped the team at Icons with the creation of their BIM compliant objects, as well as providing training for their team to enable them to bring this process in-house.

Initially, they only created a few products however, it wasn’t long before Icons of Denmark decided they wanted to go ahead and create their entire collection.

“Majenta helped us create our models in the format that the architects have been requesting. Initially, we were looking at doing a few models, but very quickly we found out we might as well go in and do the whole collection.”

Explains Jesper,

“The next step was to figure out how we can actually publish our objects. How do we reach our audience? Majenta offered a solution to host and publish on the BIMobject platform.”

Icons were looking for an easy, convenient way for their customers and prospects to gain access to their models, as well as seamlessly integrate them into their projects. Because of this, it quickly became evident that Icons of Denmark would benefit from hosting their objects on the BIMobject platform.

Keys to Success

  • The methodological approach from Majenta
  • BIM Content Creation from Majenta
  • Specialist Training delivered by Majenta

Majenta spent time with the Icons team to develop their BIM content and to ensure they were fully onboarded onto the BIMobject platform. The team at Majenta made sure that Icons of Denmark had the skills and training they needed in order to feel confident implementing and using the platform as part of their day-to-day process.

“Majenta helped us to understand how to create the models and geometries and how to make sure we applied the right data for the objects. Majenta have also helped us get a better understanding of BIM, not just now, but for the future.”

Shares Jesper,

“One of the keys to success was for us to understand our audience and for us to continue to offer products and tools to specify for the projects we’re working on.”

Icons of Denmark are now taking full advantage of the BIMobject Hosting platform, but this is only the start of their journey. Majenta will continue to support Icons with their BIM requirements as well as a few other exciting plans for new technologies that Icons are looking to leverage as they continue their digital transformation.

Business Impact

  • In-depth market and business intelligence
  • Increased product exposure through adopting the BIMobject platform
  • Increased number of qualified leads and business opportunities
  • A better understanding of their audience
  • Fully compliant and accessible BIM object files in a format desired by their audience
  • A better understanding of BIM, both as it is now and what’s coming in the future

Since implementing the BIMobject hosting platform into their day-to-day processes, Icons of Denmark have been able to gain valuable insights into both their customers and the market itself. During their short time using the platform they have already reached an amazing milestone, having the four most downloaded products across the entire BIMobject platform, a platform consisting of over 1.6million active users.

Initially we thought that the platform was going to be lead generator but what it actually became was more of a tool for us to gather data on the users that are using our models. This data has proven to be extremely valuable, as we instantly know what products are in demand from our audience.”  Comments Jesper.

Being on the BIMobject platform has enabled Icons of Denmark to take a more holistic approach when it comes to contacting their customers. They understand that no one wants a phone call the minute that they download something, so Icons use the platform analytics to collect data, which allows them to make a more informed and less abrupt approach.

“One of the main things we’ve helped Icons of Denmark achieve is evolving, developing and maturing in their digital presence. I think BIM is an opportunity for companies like Icons of Denmark to expand, not just with a library of objects, but also a digital presence as a whole.”

Adds Sam Lissaman, Digital Construction Account Manager at Majenta.


The Future of our Partnership

“I think the future for Icons of Denmark and Majenta looks exciting. Whilst we’re continuing to develop their BIM library, we’re also supporting them with several high-profile events throughout 2019”

Says Sam.

“It’s very much a partnership based on trust, we need to work with people that are professional, who listen and who understand our business. That’s why Majenta have been a good partner for us. We want to develop the Icons of Denmark and Majenta relationship further; right now Icons is one of the leaders in BIM amongst Furniture companies and we want to make sure that we stay ahead. So we’re exploring new ways of  using this technology in terms of documentation; applying additional data to our products, therefore making it even easier for the architects to get the right information about our products.”

Adds Jesper.

“We’re always looking to introduce Icons of Denmark to new technology to maintain their innovation momentum. We’re now used a Matterport Scanner to create a digital twin of their showroom that people can access anywhere, anytime.”

Sam Continues,

“We’re also going to be looking at how we can create native file formats for their BIM objects. As Icons of Denmark have opened a Nordic office, we think it’s important we create native file types to be as intuitive and as user-friendly as possible.”

Advice for Building Product Manufacturers looking to start their BIM journey

“The best advice I can give to someone starting their BIM journey is to understand your own client and your own needs.”

Shares Jesper.

“Don’t be scared of embracing new technology! Icons of Denmark had two products in the top most downloaded products for two weeks running across the platform consisting of 1.4 Million active users, they’ve embraced the change and are seeing great results!”

Sam Adds, 

“Speak to your customers! Effectively you’re creating this content to satisfy their demand. So talk to them, understand what information is important to them and then you can go and develop your designs with their needs in mind.”


“We were asked if we can supply our products as Revit files, we didn’t know anything about Revit, and we didn’t know much about BIM as such. We found Majenta and had a meeting with them to kind of kick off the process.”

Jesper Møllgaard Jensen

Owner of Icons of Denmark.

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